Monday, January 13, 2014

Back to school

Somebody raided my bookshelf...

I'm over the moon as so many of my love-worlds are colliding- my kids, holidays, reading, and Harry Potter. 

Truth be told, L was more interested in playing wizard than actually reading, but I was almost just as happy to hear him shouting "wingardium leviosa" and "petrificus totalis" and waving his chopstick wand.  As for M, he couldn't get enough and asked for Year 2 as soon as he finished the first one.

I can't help being jealous of them.  They still have the whole series ahead of them.

My favorite thing of all is how seriously they treat the spells.  Each will collapse mid-sentence if his brother performs the leg-locking curse, no questions asked.

Tomorrow M and I head back to school.  I wish we were going to Hogwarts...


  1. I cannot even stand how adorable they are!! LOVE the pictures! :)-Ashley

  2. ADORABLE! Such great imagination!!!

  3. OMG those glasses! So adorable!!

  4. AHHHHH I'm so jealous!!! That's awesome Robin!! Harry Potter! I'm going to die if my kids hate it :( LOOOOOVE those glasses!

    1. You will bring them up right to love all things HP.

  5. Oh, so cute!!! I love that they both have full commitment to the spells when they are the victims. I hope this week back at school went well!! --Lisa