Wednesday, January 29, 2014

100 days

Today was M's hundredth day celebration at school.

The name couldn't be more appropriate, since we've talked about how exciting it is 100 times a day for the last three weeks.

I knew there were probably going to be hundredth day treats that M would have to pass on, so I wanted him to have something special of his own.

We whipped this up before school. I saw him a couple of times over the course of the day, and every time he was pulling up his shirt to show someone else his undershirt.

Proof that kids don't need 100 candies or 100 cupcakes to make a celebration special.   An old t-shirt and a handful of markers was all it took for this kid.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


The day after I wrote about my kindergarten worries, a friend stopped by to see me at work.

I taught both her sons in third grade, and she has continued to come and visit from time to time in the years since.  Often she'll have a bag of some of her boys' old clothes to pass on.  I think she figures us moms of boys have to stick together.

The other day was no different.  But tucked in with the carefully folded school uniform pants and darling sweater-vests was this little Totoro doll.

I admit tears welled up in my eyes.  She doesn't read my blog, it was just a coincidence.  But she brought my son a Totoro doll the very day after I wrote about L's love for him. It was so comforting.  Somehow that little gift represented so much.

Not only am I part of a community who loves me and loves my family, I'm looked after by a God who knows exactly what I need and can even arrange little coincidences to calm a mother's worried heart.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kindergarten registration, too

Is it really time already?

When it was time to apply for M's kindergarten interview, I was overjoyed.  My boy was growing up!  Bring on the new experiences!

Now that it's L's turn, I'm equally happy for him but also a little shocked. Where did the time go?  Kindergarten already?!

L, on the other hand, has been ready since M's second day of school. If he could start tomorrow, he would!

When August rolls around, he'll be a full 10 months younger than M was on his first day, but they are different.  Social things are easier for him, and I'm not worried.


His seizures.  I ticked epilepsy/seizures on the medical history form and gave myself a few minutes to worry without just turning it off and assuring myself that it would be ok.

He is such a sweet and sensitive kid.  Just seeing a picture of a grouchy face can make him tear up.  The only movies he will watch are Totoro and Cars, because they don't have "mean guys". How can I send him to school knowing that kids are going to tease him when the inevitable happens?  Because it will.  And they will. 

Or if they don't tease, they will think he's weird and scary, and look at him with fear and distrust.  Grouchy faces.

I know every kid has to learn to get along with peers and every kindergartener experiences his share of teasing... but not every kid's body does such scary-looking things that they can't control.  I can't blame other kids for thinking it looks weird and scary because it does.

But he doesn't know what his seizures look like to other people. He doesn't know yet that he is "supposed" to be embarrassed by them. I don't even think he really realizes that seizures aren't a part of every kid's life.  I know at some point he has to figure out all those things, but that doesn't mean I don't still want to protect him while I can.

I thought of other things, too, like seizures when he's alone in the hallway or during swimming class. Older kids, bullies, who might try to trigger one on purpose.  And well-meaning people who might try to act on old misconceptions like restraining him or forcing something into his mouth.

But the worst is knowing that when it happens, the only person he will want is me, and I won't be there.  

And then my allotted time for worrying is over, and I brush it all aside.  It will be fine.  His teacher can handle it.  We will teach people about it so they understand.  He'll learn to recover without a snuggle on mom's lap.

My boy is growing up!  Bring on the new experiences!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Back to school

Somebody raided my bookshelf...

I'm over the moon as so many of my love-worlds are colliding- my kids, holidays, reading, and Harry Potter. 

Truth be told, L was more interested in playing wizard than actually reading, but I was almost just as happy to hear him shouting "wingardium leviosa" and "petrificus totalis" and waving his chopstick wand.  As for M, he couldn't get enough and asked for Year 2 as soon as he finished the first one.

I can't help being jealous of them.  They still have the whole series ahead of them.

My favorite thing of all is how seriously they treat the spells.  Each will collapse mid-sentence if his brother performs the leg-locking curse, no questions asked.

Tomorrow M and I head back to school.  I wish we were going to Hogwarts...

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Only Pinterest can save me now

Me: So, what do you think of our city?

L: I'm frustrated that you broke every single crayon I have.

It's true, I totally did.  Those 20 bt. packs of pastel crayons I put in their stockings were absolute crap.

Nine more days of Christmas break and we have already baked cupcakes and drawn a city on a giant piece of cardboard.  We have also watched Frozen, Tangled, and three classic Disney movies, made fake snow, read dozens of books, deep cleaned their room, and played hours of boardgames.  Way too many boardgames.

Don't get me wrong.  I love Christmas break. LOVE. I might cry actual tears next Sunday night when it's all over.  But I am running out of ideas!  That "let kids be bored, it's good for their creativity" argument sounds so good until they are antagonising eachother just for the fun of it.  Then I'm suddenly suggesting we get out the play-dough.

Luckily I have discovered something awesome.

The other day I downloaded the Kodable and Lightbot apps on the iPad and since then the boys have been happily playing their way through each level as they learn basic computer programming concepts.  

Working together. Learning!  Having fun.  Not fighting!

I have my reservations about screen time just like every other mom, but this one is an easy yes.

Especially in the face of another round of the Nascar game.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Baby it's cold outside

I love the adorable sweater-weather photo ops as much as anyone, 
but it has been three weeks...

Can I have my tropics back?