Saturday, November 16, 2013

International day

Earlier this month was International day at ICS. We have it every year, but everything at school is more fun, now that M goes. 

All the kids dressed up in their country's traditional dress.  M is wearing a northern Thai/hill tribe outfit.

L joined in after school, too, in his best try at a paddy farmer's outfit.

It was a pretty big event.  There were games, booths, food, and a show with all kinds of traditional performances.  

The boys' favorite part? Someone had a jar of bubbles.

It is pretty hard to beat that.

I can't wait for next year when L's at school, too!


  1. Aw!! It looks like such a fun day!! What a great concept! Their costumes are awesome! Don't you just wish we could all be that happy from a jar of bubbles?! Your boys are just the cutest little things EVER!! :) --Lisa

    1. Kids sure do seem to have the secret to happiness sometimes, don't they? Of course, other times they can't access it because it is buried beneath the secrets to whining and the secrets to nonsense.

  2. You could never guess the last time I was excited about a jar of bubbles!
    Last week! SO MUCH FUN!

    Looks like fun was had by all :)

    1. You really are a child at heart, aren't you? :)