Friday, November 29, 2013

Hip hip hooray!

L doesn't know that people don't really say hip hip hooray!

He shouts it when he's excited, and it's so classically him.

Hip hip hooray, Mom's home!

Jam sandwiches for lunch!?  Hip hip hooray!

I'm not going to be the one to tell him.
Besides, I almost let it slip a few times today, myself.

Whim and the boys taped a commercial for Ikea today and it was ridiculously fun. As if Ikea needed any more reasons to be my favorite thing.

Plus, they we got to play in the model bedrooms while we waited, which I always want to do every time we go there.

It's a promo for Father's Day (Dec 5th in Thailand) and it's supposed to go online Monday...but I'm skeptical. I'll post a link if it really does.

The boys had a blast, reveling in all the attention, and it was so quick and easy.  Afterward, Whim dutifully took them straight to the toy store to "teach them a lesson about earning and the value of money."* 

And it's Friday.  Isn't that enough to justify a few hip hip hoorays?

*aka Whim has wanted a remote control car since M was a fetus.


  1. Wait...they are going to be in a real Ikea commercial?! SQUEE!!!!! That is AWESOME!!! I cannot WAIT to see that link. Hip Hip Hooray!!
    (and I'm sorry...I don't know what you mean about people not really saying that! I've been leaving the "hip hip" part out lately, I admit, but Lennon and I are going to bring it back in style!" --Lisa

    1. Well, we'll see. Last time miles did something for Lee kids, a couple years ago, we didn't see anything for maybe a year, then all of a sudden one of our friends mentioned seeing it. If it does go up I'll link it.

  2. That's so awesome! I hope we get to see it.

    I love that Lennon says hip hip hooray! I'm going to start saying that.

    1. Do it! No sign of the commercial anywhere yet, although it's Tuesday already. You know I've been trolling the ikea website! :)