Monday, October 14, 2013

My favorite wedding picture

I never used to like this picture.

Our wedding was lovely, but this quick photo someone snapped in the back room just before Dad walked me down the aisle didn't show that.  Sure, we look happy- and we were- but the clutter in the background was all I could ever see.   If I'd had facebook in those days, this picture definitely wouldn't have made it to the wedding day album.

Today is Dad's birthday.  I miss him everyday, but especially today.  I was looking through some old pictures and found this one.  Long forgotten, and certainly never appreciated.  Today I realized what this picture really is.

Look at him looking at me.  That is so him.  It has always been that way.  Not just with me, though he always made it clear how much he loved me.  He had a way of making whoever he was talking to feel like we were the most important person in the world.  But it wasn't just some listening technique he'd picked up somewhere - some way to win friends or influence people.  He really cared about people and what they had to say.

Every year on Dad's birthday, I'd give myself a pep talk before I called.  "Don't let him turn the conversation around to me.  It's his birthday.  Talk about him!"  And I always meant to.  But before I knew it, we'd be hanging up after a long conversation.... about me.

I wonder what we would have talked about today?


  1. Oh, Robin. What a lovely photo and what a wonderful man. I love that this picture captured so much of the essence of your dad, and I'm so sorry that you are missing him today. I'll be thinking of you, friend. --Lisa

    1. Thank you. Most of the time I miss him in a fond way, it's rare that I have a sad missing day.

  2. That's so sweet!! It totally made me tear up. I would have cried if I were alone, know. It's not the same to ugly cry as it is to pretend you're not crying.

    Anyway. You look so gorgeous, and that look on your dad's face is so precious. I love that. I'm sorry you don't get to call him anymore. That's the worst feeling. Happy Birthday Robin's Dad! Thanks for creating such an awesome friend and mother to so many!

    1. Thank you, Tara. I love this picture now, I may have to frame it.