Friday, October 25, 2013

He did it

M's biggest school struggle right now is realizing when he is bothering other people.

He is not without empathy- he can tell when someone is sad and knows that we should try to comfort them.  He prays for us when we are hurt and sick. He cares for people and wants to be kind.  But if he's having fun, he just can't seem to put himself in the other person's shoes and see that he's annoying someone.
So we are practicing recognizing expressions.

And having conversations with these guys:

And working on it little by little.

Yesterday, after a long and lovely day out, I suddenly realized I had left my bag somewhere.  My work bag, with my laptop and my passport....  It was a little stressful.

We all piled back into the car, despite the long hand pointing directly to bedtime, and headed back toward my school.  The boys were in the back bantering playfully (probably no louder than usual) and I asked them for help.  I said I was stressed about my lost bag and I needed them to stay calm to help me feel calm. 

And lovely M said, "You're worried about your bag.  It's like when I'm worried about my own stuff."

Yes!  Yes, just like that!  Thank you buddy.  And they did.  And we found it!


  1. Hooray!! That's so great that you found it, and I love the way you told them you were stressed-that way they knew how you were feeling and how to be helpful. Love this.

    1. I think a lot of times kids/people would help if they knew how.

  2. This was so nice! YAY for Miles :D
    Also, so glad you found your bag!

  3. YES!! Way to go, Miles!! That is hard. I know adults that still struggle with this. (And the way it happened was so sweet!) I love reading about a triumph!! :) --Lisa