Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy preschool

L is such an easy kid.

I don't worry about him starting school the way I worried about M.  For M, we agonized about it.  We made plans for his preschool a whole year in advance (and it was just a once-a-week co-op with other parents) because we knew he had to have something to ease that transition and get him ready for school.

L would probably be fine next year even without preschool, but I will not let him fall fate to second-child comparisons.  M had preschool and so will L.

Unfortunately, none of the co-op families from last year had three-year-olds, so we were on the lookout for other families that we might be able to convince to get something started.

No need!  On Friday a mom friend told me that they already have a group planning something, that they want Whim and L to join, and that it starts Tuesday!

Well!  That settles it!

L was thrilled when I told him.  He has been waiting!  We had a little celebration today in honor of his first day next week.

I made cupcakes this morning, and as they were baking I told him they were for his special day.  He was excited and grateful, but not surprised.  "We'll have cupcakes and I will wear a two-color crown!" he said happily.

Ha!  He remembered his brother's first-day-of-school celebration, last year.  

Well, he got his two-color crown.

I love you, budders.  Happy preschool!


  1. Isn't it amazing how their personalities can be so different? My sister has two girls who are polar opposites. One she never had to even child proof for. The younger one... ahem... throws rocks for fun.

    These pictures are so cute; I hope Lennon loves preschool!

    1. Yes, they are so different! Miles loved preschool and I think Lennon will too.

  2. How cute that he remembered!
    I hope he has fun on his special day :)

  3. Awww you guys are sooooo sweet! I love it. His crown is so cool! I want one-you should start an Etsy shop :)

    1. They are nothing fancy up close- just felt sewn together by hand. But thank you. :)

  4. He is SO CUTE. So amazing to me the difference between the first and second children, especially when it comes to school. Agonized (still do, if I am being honest) about Emma. Abby, on the other hand, practically already owns the place! ;)-Ashley

  5. Good that at least one of them can have an easy go of things. :)