Saturday, August 24, 2013

M's first story

The Bad Bear by M




Somebody is feeling pretty proud today.  Ok, two people.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy preschool

L is such an easy kid.

I don't worry about him starting school the way I worried about M.  For M, we agonized about it.  We made plans for his preschool a whole year in advance (and it was just a once-a-week co-op with other parents) because we knew he had to have something to ease that transition and get him ready for school.

L would probably be fine next year even without preschool, but I will not let him fall fate to second-child comparisons.  M had preschool and so will L.

Unfortunately, none of the co-op families from last year had three-year-olds, so we were on the lookout for other families that we might be able to convince to get something started.

No need!  On Friday a mom friend told me that they already have a group planning something, that they want Whim and L to join, and that it starts Tuesday!

Well!  That settles it!

L was thrilled when I told him.  He has been waiting!  We had a little celebration today in honor of his first day next week.

I made cupcakes this morning, and as they were baking I told him they were for his special day.  He was excited and grateful, but not surprised.  "We'll have cupcakes and I will wear a two-color crown!" he said happily.

Ha!  He remembered his brother's first-day-of-school celebration, last year.  

Well, he got his two-color crown.

I love you, budders.  Happy preschool!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

U2 and hello kitty undershirts

I have always been an overthinker.

I remember, as a kid, my fascination with Hello Kitty.  Hello Kitty was this enigma.  What was she?

A cartoon, clearly, but I had seen all the cartoons: Fraggle Rock, Muppet Babies, Ninja Turtles, Jem, Carebears...  There was no Hello Kitty cartoon on Saturday mornings.  

I knew she was Japanese, but how did these girls I'd sometimes see with their Hello Kitty pencils and plasticy coin purses have an inside connection to Japanese culture that I didn't have?  Not only did these girls know who she is, but they knew her well enough to choose her pencils over the Lisa Frank ones.  She was their favorite of all the stationery, and I didn't even know who she was!

Was it a book series?  A comic book?  A movie?  All I knew is I couldn't ask.  It was glaringly obvious that you either knew about Hello Kitty or you didn't.  I didn't.

And Hello Kitty wasn't my only unsolved mystery.

Undershirts.  I remember the moment I realized that the pointelle-trimmed tank top strap always showing under Tiffany M's collar was called a undershirt.  How were undershirts a thing and I didn't even know it?  Why were there undershirts?  Why didn't I wear them?  Was it like underwear and being at school without an undershirt on was as weird as being at school without underwear on? 
Later, I would see the three-packs of folded undershirts on display as my mom was choosing variety packs of pink, purple, and periwinkle fold-over socks.  I could have asked her for some right then and there, but I knew in my heart that this, too, was not something to be spoken of. 

And then there were albums.  This was a big one.  My parents just weren't big music people, at least not when I was young.  I'm sure they liked it as much as the next family, we'd sing along to Christmas carols during the holidays, and they'd almost always turn on the radio in the car.  We probably even had a few albums, but it just wasn't our habit to play music at home.

One of the first times I stayed over at a friend's house, I remember her mom made popcorn and put on the Joshua Tree album and we just sat around in the living room listening to it.  It was majestic.  I felt transformed. You couldn't just put music on, right in your house, and feel like this, could you?  I don't know why I never asked for that album for my birthday or for Christmas.  But even as I reveled in the moment, I felt out of place.  Like a stowaway, hitching a ride in someone else's soundtrack.

These funny memories tumbled out suddenly as I grabbed one of M's undershirts to lay out with his school clothes for tomorrow.  I wonder if one day M will notice another boy without an undershirt and be struck with all the same questions, in reverse.  I wonder if L will stay over at a friend's house one day and marvel about how quiet it is, because their Papa doesn't play music all the time.  I wonder what little things they will overthink?

Probably none at all.  I'm probably doing it again right now.

Undershirt - check

Monday, August 12, 2013

Books brothers

I admit I was making a bit of a fuss over M.  He read a Spider Man book aloud to me, and it was pretty impressive. It was long and had tricky words in it like magnetic, invention, and spider-senses, and when he finished I gave him a big hug and grabbed my phone to take a picture.

Sometimes you just want to capture a moment.  Or brag on your blog.

L wasn't about to be outdone, and the fact that he can't read yet wasn't going to stop him.

He grabbed a book, too, and asked me to read.  As I read, he watched for his chance.  He read every I and every a. And then he posed for his picture, too.


L had two seizures this week, but that's not what he's crying about.

It was his first week at home all day without his big brother, but that's not what he's crying about either.

This weekend L heard, for the first time, that people can't fly.

Sometimes it's hard to be three years old.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First day of school!

Today was M's first day of school.
First First-Day-of-School family picture
I think it went about how first days go.  In M's own words it was, "A little bit great."

No meltdown at drop off, no evil eye from the teacher when we picked him up in the afternoon.  But I know it wasn't perfect either.  By all accounts he talked nonstop.  After school he confessed to sneaking over during naptime and asking the teacher what she was doing.  And I heard a very familiar crying sound in the breezeway at some point in the morning, too. 

You can see M's swollen eyes in this picture.  He accidentally got a vanilla-flavored blended milk on Sunday instead of a plain milk one, and we've been dealing with the fallout since.  If I could arrange the universe the way I'd want it, M's first day of school wouldn't be on an "off" day.  But instead of feeling down about that, I'm thanking God that we even have "on" days. 

Miles and his bulletin board at Open House
 And tomorrow we get to do it all again!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

It had to happen sooner or later

L always cracks me up.

He definitely marches to his own drummer.  Or dances in this case.

And he loves to laugh, too.

He loves the same old jokes, exploding with laugher time after time.  And once he gets on a roll, everything makes him laugh.  I've always wondered if those belly laughs could trigger a seizure and now I know.   They can.

I don't even feel sad about this one.  If you're going to have seizures anyway, laughing is the best trigger I can think of.

Friday, August 2, 2013

New look for M

Did you think I meant a haircut?

Sometimes I can't even believe how we hit the jackpot in the kids department
What's up cutie?
Nope! Not even close.. ;)

Today we went shopping for M's school uniforms.  My new not-favorite Back to School thing.

M wasn't so keen on it either.   But I saw the way he kept stealing peeks at the mirrors.
My bet is that he has them on by tomorrow afternoon.