Thursday, July 25, 2013

On our way home

We're on the way back to our home in Bangkok, and as always, I'm just as glad to be heading home as I am bummed to see the holidays ending.

I'm always happy to get back to our regular life, and that includes our regular diets.  

For the most part, we did well keeping the boys additive-free.  We had a few slip-ups, but it was easier than I anticipated, and we found foods they eat in some surprising places.

Most often we would stop at an organic market and get groceries to eat picnic-style.

Once, in Portland, we found a place that bottled their own natural fruit sodas.

More than once we found additive-free ice cream bars to help get us through a long day on the road.
We even found a safe pizza place with gluten-free pizza (for me!)

It was fun to indulge in so many tasty treats, but I can't wait for that first bite of kanom jeen at Ram 2 market as soon as we get back.


  1. Glad y'all are headed home, but even more glad you were able to find so many good foods to eat while you were here! :) Safe travels!-Ashley

  2. The best feeling is being home and getting to eat your favorite food that you're familiar with. Also, falling face first on the bed :)

    Gluten free pizza (that is good) is my favorite! I found a place in Seattle (or maybe Portland?) that had gluten free pizza that was so delicious, B couldn't even tell the difference!!

    1. Face first on the bed is so tempting. For me, that feeling of relaxation is at it's utter peak when I turn on a movie and then fall asleep watching it. It was always #1 on my list when I'd come back from college for a visit. It's my most indulgent way to relax.