Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My real life friend

Last week, I met my friend Tara at In-N-Out for a burger.  No big deal, just totally awesome.  

She wrote about it here, and her post is perfect.  First of all, she only chose pictures of me that look cute, which is so nice and says a lot about her as a person.  Well done, Tara.  Second of all, she's a great photographer so we look like we were all in a commercial for In-N-Out. 

Things like this make me love the internet.  

My only regret about the whole visit is that I didn't get there early enough.  I wanted to bribe a creepy-looking guy to sit alone at a table near the door and wink at her when she walked in.  Maybe say something like, "Don't overthink it, baby."  Wouldn't that have been perfect?  I'm sure some shady guy would do that for a free double-double and Neapolitan shake.  But she was already there when we got there and saw us as we were walking up.  Dang it. 

Plus, she had her husband there and he might have attacked the guy or something, so maybe it was for the best.

If you want a decent picture you'll have to check out her post, instead.
She was totally cool, which was awesome, but not a surprise since we were already friends in the computer.  She even brought my boys a gift- buttons, which they have worn every day since we met last week.  I love it when my friends in the computer become regular old friends.

Tara, let's do it again - next time in Bangkok!


  1. WAH! Now we are JEALOUS all over again!! Can we all meet in Bangkok??!! We would KILL to meet both of you...and I swear to God, I BURST out laughing at what you wanted to do as a prank...that would have been AWESOME!!-Ashley

    1. Totally! I have met two (almost three) friends from blogs and it is such a neat thing. If you came to Bangkok we could come up with some ridiculous pranks to blog about.

  2. Hahahah Oh my god I would have DIED if you had bribed some creepy looking man to make me think it was you. B would never have let me hear the end of it!

    And of course I only put good pictures up-that's totally what real friends do.

    I'm so glad your boys liked the buttons. I felt like a total dork trying to find some for them, but I'm glad I did!

    I'm totally down to meet in Bangkok!! Maybe I can get my new work to pay for it as a "yoga trip" (yeah right)

    1. It could totally be a research and learning trip! Thailand is full of yoga-y stuff.

  3. I'm with the Dose Girls. The jealousy is back again! No, but seriously, you look like you have been friends forever! That was quite a good prank you had planned...LOL.
    I have plans to visit Bangkok next still hoping to meet up with you! :D

    1. Man, you know I felt awful about that!! I hope you do come again and next time we will make it happen, no matter what!