Sunday, June 16, 2013


I normally hate surprises.... but I love the beach.

Whim had a big overnight event planned for weeks - playing backup for a concert at Hat Chao Samran beach.  He knows my position on surprises, so I don't know what came over him, but he decided to let me believe he was going alone, when he had actually made plans for all of us to join him. 

As a matter of fact, he kissed us all goodbye, walked out the door, and drove away.   He waited a few minutes, probably until he knew I was fully consumed with jealousy, before he called back asking for a 'favor'.  "Can you pack up a few things for me?  I'm coming back."  I wonder if he heard my disgruntled sigh, because I swear I could hear his smile: " the kids' swimsuits and maybe a change of clothes for everybody?"

Who does that?  How is it more fun to run around like a maniac trying to find beach clothes and a bag and towels and gathering up toothbrushes and star blankets and pajamas and making sandwiches for the ride, because as Whim so sweetly put it - "You guys are coming, but we have to leave,"?  Plus, half the fun of a trip is looking forward to it, so a surprise actually robs you of all the pre-vacation pleasure!  But on the other hand, a trip to the beach is better than no trip to the beach any day, even if it was a surprise, so I couldn't exactly complain.

Whim warned me that he didn't know where we'd be staying - if it was nice or not, or if it was even near the beach, since someone else had arranged the accommodations.   He didn't know anything about the venue, either, in keeping with the 'surprise' theme, I guess.  So he couldn't promise we'd be able to go to the beach right away.

But when we pulled up:

That's us... the boys and I went for a swim during the soundcheck.
It was perfect. 
His first time being buried... he never would have sat still for it before.
I couldn't believe it wasn't a dream.  Not what I expected when I woke up that morning.
  When we went back to the room to get cleaned up for dinner, it was lovely, too.
Excuse the extreme posed-ness of this picture.  I took this from Whim's instagram and he can't resist.
I was trying to get the boys to pose with me, but this is much more realistic.

I know I learned my lesson about the value of surprises.  The boys asked to swim again after dinner, and it would have been so easy to say no.  I'm sure they expected me to.  We were showered and dressed, the swimsuits were back at the hotel, still drying from that afternoon.  The concert was starting soon, and Whim was already on standby.  But what the heck.  They swam in their underwear.

I do hope that one day, despite my own dread of surprises, the boys will fondly remember the surprise trip to the beach with Papa's band.


  1. Hahah that is so cute! I'm glad you have fun! I totally hate surprises too-or maybe my ex was just bad at them. Every single time he tried to surprise me with something, I always brought it up right before, so he would feign ignorance and we would get in a fight. Like, one time I was really hungry and asked what he wanted to do for lunch, but we were driving home and he was just like "nothing, I'm not hungry, let's go to the park." And I was like well WTF, I'm hungry?!! And then it turned out he had a picnic in the trunk.....oops. :)

    Glad you had fun! It looks awesome. Swimming in underwear is the best!

    1. Oh gosh. That's the worst. I am not at my best when I am hungry, so that would not be a fun surprise for me, either! :)

  2. They will TOTALLY remember it... and that their awesome mom even let them swim in their undies! These are the ways those wonderful family memories are made. FANTASTIC!! (but I totally hate surprises, too! I'm with you) --Lisa

    1. I just read something other day about how all our favorite memories of trips or special events from when we were young came with a certain about of schlepping on our parents part. - long drives, crying kids, carrying bags and things down to beach. It often doesn't feel like a special memory in the making. Traveling isn't ever easy, and if we wait until we think it will be, we'll miss out on a lot!

  3. This is so romantic and sweet that I'm borderline jealous.
    But, YAY!! Surprise beach trip!
    Glad you guys had so much fun :D