Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Paper ships for Lisa

I promised Lisa I'd show her how to make a paper ship.

I am not a crafty person, but everyone has a few tricks they know...

You have to excuse my giant man hand, the mess in the background, the crinkly paper and everything else that made me put off posting this for more than a week thinking I'd take new pictures. 

How to make a newspaper ship!

Start with a regular page of newspaper with the fold away from you.  I didn't take a picture of that. 

   1. Fold down both the corners toward the center so it looks like this.
 2. Fold the bottom 2 or 3 inches up, then turn it over and do the same on the back. 
3. This is the only tricky step.  Grab the two bottom corners of your triangle and pull them toward eachother.  It makes a rhombus like this.  The bottom folded tabs will overlap eachother nicely and won't stick up. 

Another way to think of it is that you are grabbing the centerpoint from bottom front and the bottom back and pulling them as far away from eachother as possible.   They become the side corners of the rhombus.

4. The bottom of the rhombus opens up.  Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top.  Then flip it over and do the same to the back.
5. Now that you've folded the bottom up on both sides, it will look like this.
6. This is just like step three above.  Take the two bottom corners of the triangle and bring them together to make a rhombus.  The corners make the bottom point of the rhombus and the middle front and middle back pop to the sides and make the side corners.
7.  Carefully grab the top of the rhombus and pull apart to the left and right.   You are pulling the front and back of the ship into place.  
Tada!    A paper ship!  It really floats.

If you want the ship to be smaller but sturdier, (like to entertain your kids on a 20 hour airplane flight...) you can do the whole thing with a paper that is folded into fourths instead of in half to make it double thick. 

And speaking of that long flight... anyone else have any good tricks?


  1. SQUEE!!!! You didn't forget!!

    When I saw the title of this post in my feed I though, "Huh. I wonder what this is and who Lisa is. I'm Lisa, too. We're everywhere aren't we." Then it hit me...WAIT THOSE COULD BE THE PAPER SHIPS!! I COULD BE THAT LISA! Hahahahahaha

    I still can't believe how cool these are!! I haven't tried yet because I quickly came over when I read the title. I can't wait to do it today! I'll report back with my results.

    You're the best, Robin!! :) --Lisa (totally almost paper ship building Lisa)

    1. I hope it's everything you dreamed it would be! :)

  2. These are so totally awesome!! Thanks for the tutorial.

    Okay, so I know I don't have any street cred since I don't have kids, but I would say: books, pencils, music and card games for long airplane rides. Oooh and those cool coloring book things where it comes with the marker that only works on the pages. Do they still make those?

    1. I was thinking about those fancy markers- color wonder. They are expensive here since they're imported but probably really worth it.
      I think my strategy will be overkill. Stuff their bags with everything I can think of and hope for the best.

  3. I love these things! When I was little, my cousins and I make a bunch of these on rainy days and take them to the puddles to see who's stay afloat the longest :D
    Great memories :)