Saturday, June 29, 2013

I want to ride a train

Every Sunday for the past year, L has asked to go on a train ride.

There's a railroad crossing on the way to church, and L's day is made if we get to wait for the passing train.  Every time we cross, he reminds us sweetly: "I want to ride a train!"

Lately, though, I think he realized the weekly requests weren't getting him anywhere, because he's been asking every day.   For weeks.

This morning we had nothing to do but make a kid's wish come true.   

Luckily there's a station just a few miles from our house.  We didn't know the train schedule, so I groaned a little when I saw we had an hour to kill before the train arrived.  But it was trulythe nicest hour of my week.  The boys clamored all over the tracks and made up games and raced up and down the sunny sidewalk.  L did have a seizure (last night, too T-T) but it didn't keep him down for long.

L was thrilled when the train chugged into the station. After squeezing on to one ridiculously cramped carriage with standing room only, L sagely suggested, "Maybe next time we can get a train with chairs."

On the way back we did.  The boys were in heaven.  Looking out through the open windows, all the usual sights of the city were transformed into exciting new adventures.  A little cluster of palm trees was a jungle.  The chedi we pass every other day suddenly looked mysterious.

As we headed back home, I have to admit Whim and I were feeling pretty good about ourselves in the parenting department.  A dream fulfilled, a fun outing, fresh air...  

And then we heard it from the back seat: "I want to ride a train!"


  1. Hahahah that is so cute! But you totally fulfilled his dream....even if it was short lived :)

    1. As soon as it was over it was like it ever happened!!

  2. This is adorable! Thanks for sharing!