Thursday, June 20, 2013

Great minds blog alike

Check it out, I wasn't the only one writing about easy popsicles last week.

I love the 100 Days of Real Food blog and you already know how I feel about these summer treats, so obviously the boys and I made these the very day she posted!

We followed her recipe as written, with two little "modifications".

1) We omitted the vanilla because we are always out of vanilla.  I love it, so if we ever have vanilla, I bake nonstop and use it until it is gone again. 

2) M added his own special step at the end:  After you put the popsicles in the freezer, run to check on them every few minutes.  On about the 8th check, knock the popsicle mold over and spill slushy chocolate all over the inside of the freezer.  Your mom will fill the molds the rest of the way up with yogurt and you'll get fancy two tone popsicles. 

Sun's out, guns out


  1. Hahahahha awesome. I love step 2. And your caption! I love it.

    Well heck yeah, it's because you're brilliant! Mmm popsicles. I think I just need to break down and buy a popsicle mold. I don't have to have kids to enjoy a popsicle!

    1. I stole that caption from my friend who was quoting that particular type of weird boy local to eastern Washington. You must know some too.

  2. So we'll call it a happy accident? :)

  3. It's kismet! Lucy has been making popsicles all week this week! She always has the knock over step, too!!

    Her second favorite one of the week is cranberry juice.(nothing but cranberry juice. She dislikes sweet things and cranberry juice has enough sour/bitter to appeal to her a little bit) Her absolute favorite one she's made all week...her water popsicles. Yes. Water. "But that's just ice," you might think. Don't tell her that. She's in love with them and insists it tastes different than ice.

    If I told her you could make them with chocolate, that would probably rock. her. world. But cleaning up the overflow from her Water Popsicles is so easy, I'll just keep that to myself. --Lisa

    1. Cue girl! Miles loves water popsicles, too...

      You can often get popsicles on the side of the road here - people make them in a big metal basin with metal molds and salted icewater. They just pour pop in them and make them on the spot.

      Whenever Miles wants one we give the guy some water and ask him to make one. Lucy and Miles have a lot in common!