Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gingerbread cupcakes

L's birthday party is tomorrow!

He asked me for a gingerbread boy Christmas birthday party and who could say no to that?

Of course I waited until today to make the gingerbread boys so they would be nice and fresh, and then this happened:

 No!!!!  I hate gluten-free baking sometimes.

The boys are actually fine with gluten, it's only me that can't have it... but I hate making treats I can't even eat, so most of the baking we do is gluten free.

There are some things I just can't get right, like pancakes.  Everyone eats the gf pancakes and noone complains, but I remember what a pancake is supposed to be like, and I haven't gotten it yet.

Cupcakes have also been tricky, and clearly gingerbread boys are going to take some work.  I made a slight change of plans and decided we'll be decorating gingerbread boy faces tomorrow (as in regular round cookies) instead of gingerbread boys.  Phew... crisis averted, kind of.

And then l I made these!

The most delicious gluten-free cupcakes imaginable from The Whole Kitchen.  They are actually pumpkin-ginger-chocolate muffins.  You would never, ever know they were gluten free.  They are amazing- gingerbread in a chocolate cupcake's body.  I made them just as the recipe is written, except we left out the candied ginger (too scary), the vanilla (out, as always) and the xanthan gum since I never put it in to treats (only bread).

Last time I made these I used avocado icing and it was perfect.  I had planned to use it again today too, but our only avocado wasn't ripe enough.  I just made regular butter/powdered sugar frosting and tried to make one for L without very much on it.  Between the cupcake and decorating cookies, I have my fingers crossed for no seizures tomorrow. 


  1. Happy early birthday, Lennon!! He's so adorable! A Gingerbread Boy Christmas birthday...AW!!!

    Those cupcakes look AMAZING!!! My mouth is watering!!

    I hope he has the most wonderful birthday ever. I will keep all of my crossables crossed that he has zero seizures!! --Lisa

    1. No seizures! Thanks Lisa, it was a good birthday. :)

  2. YUM. YUM! I want that. I will make them for sure. The gingerbread puffboys look delicious too!

    Happy birthday!

    1. The gingerbread tasted right but was the totally wrong texture. :)

      I added a bunch more flour and then made circles instead and they were ok (but still a little soft.)

  3. Happy Birthday Lennon!!

    Gluten free baking is the hardest and most frustrating shit ever. It's worse than high altitude. But-I have found a GREAT pancake mix that I swear tastes like regular pancakes. I will totally buy some and give some to you when you visit. Unless you get in trouble for bringing pancake mix back into Thailand with you? :)

    Those cupcakes look amazing!

    1. Sounds awesome! I was just thinking today that our trip is coming soon and hoping we'll get to meet up.

      We fly out of LA the 15th in the afternoon. That's a Monday, but if you're not working.....

  4. The gingerbread boys are actually cute :)
    I've never tried gluten free anything but the muffins look delicious!
    Hope the party went well :)