Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Absolute last post re: L's birthday

Lennon got his birthday wish: a Gingerbread Christmas birthday. I got my birthday wish for him, too: no seizures!
The only picture we got of him all day without a bag of icing in his mouth.
There was no sense trying to give L the cupcake with less icing.  By that time he had already eaten his weight in chocolate chips and had spent the entire afternoon mainlining a piping bag of icing.   I don't even have a cute photo to post of a cookie he made - his was just a heaping pile of icing and decorations. (He didn't eat it, thank goodness!)

I was a little worried about the sugar situation, but he didn't have any seizures that day and hasn't in the days since, so we're in the clear this time.

By happy coincidence, my sweet friend Malia and her family are visiting from Korea, so Lennon had three lovely young guests at the party, along with his two favorite people in the world: Auntie Waan and Uncle Ben.

And now that L's birthday is behind us, I am counting down the last 7 days of summer school and getting ready to shift into vacation mode by terrorizing myself with articles about families of toddlers getting kicked off of airplanes.


  1. What a fun birthday! I want to see a picture of him with a bag of icing in his mouth! Haha

    WHAT?! How is that even possible/? Kicked off airplanes?!

    So glad there were no seizures!!

    1. Google it!! It's the stuff of nightmares!

  2. What a relief on the seizure front...that seems like a happy birthday indeed! Good luck with the traveling...don't over-Google! ;)-Ashley

    1. It's true- there can be too much of a good thing when it comes to googling. :)