Friday, April 12, 2013

Trek's day

Earlier this week, Chelsea at Our Sonny Life wrote this, touching and heartbreaking and strong.

I love to read about her adventures with her boys in Thailand, and her sweet memories and the way she finds Trek in every plumeria blossom. Like you sometimes do in the online community, I've felt a connection to her and her story- a mother's love through unthinkable loss, embracing life, and coming through on the other side.

Anyway, she invited readers to celebrate Trek's should-be second birthday (April 11) by doing something special with our own children: cherishing them more than ever, relishing the moments with them, mindful of how precious they are to us.

What a beautiful idea. I try to live by those principles, I'm sure most moms do. But days can become routine, and reminders like Trek's birthday can help up focus on the moment and remember what is truly important.

After reading that post on Monday, I didn't need to wait until Thursday. I mean, I wanted to do something Thursday to honor Trek, but why not now?

So I spent this week more mindful of the gift my boys are. I said yes more. I said wait a minute less. Not that loving our kids always means saying yes. But I know you get it. In the hustle and bustle of our day to day, just taking time to make sure they feel like the joys of my life.

On Tuesday evening, we went to the pool. On a school night. I'm sure you can imagine, the thrill was palpable. The pool is a weekend treat- weekday afternoon we read and draw and play and ride bikes and watch movies at home and take walks in the neighborhood. But I surprised the boys by tossing their suits at them after dinner. L was thrilled, no questions asked, but I could see the look in M's eye... Are you serious?! The pool? Now?!

Part of me feels ashamed that something as simple and easy as going swimming is that special in their eyes. But the other part of me is grateful that they are sweet boys who don't demand much. I brought their jammies along and we swam until bedtime. The evening felt so special because it was different. I want to do it again... but not so often it loses it's charm.

The rest of the week was like that- little sweet moments, nothing major, no amusement parks or fancy new gifts. One that sticks out to me is that M asked if he could have some of my "special cereal."  Oh you sweet, sweet boy.  Thursday, Trek's day, coincided with my last day of school before the Songkran holidays. What a time to celebrate!

I had been sick all night the night before and dragging at work all day, but this was a special day, no excuses. I asked the boys what they wanted to do - the sky's the limit. They opted for a movie snuggled together in our bed. Gosh, we are lucky. I offered fancy popcorn, but they were good. I fell asleep with them snuggled in on either side of me. No fanfare, but it couldn't have been sweeter.


  1. Oh Robin! Thanks for sharing this! What a sad and heartbreaking story. I love that you extended it a whole week! I think birthdays should be week long celebrations anyway! :)

    That is so cute that they were so excited to go to the pool! And they said no to fancy popcorn?! That is adorable. I love their pj's!! Especially Lennon's-are those boats on them? Or hot dogs? I can't tell haha. <3

    1. They're Cars - McQueen and the gang. ;)

  2. Oh, what a beautiful post Chelsea wrote. My heart breaks for her. I think its awesome that you did this this week with your sweet little guys.

    I think it is so cute that breaking the routine hitting the pool on a school night was so exciting and fantastic. Your boys are just adorable.--Lisa

  3. I don't know, Robin. Sounds pretty special to me :) I'd still be up to spending a day or two like that with my mom...just the two of us.
    Hope you're feeling better.

    1. Thank you. :) Any time together can be special. :)