Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Songkran traditions

Even though I love Songkran, we've had a rough history.

I spent two consecutive Songkrans in the hospital, and Whim had to have surgery during Songkran the year before that. Last year, though none of us were in the hospital, we skipped out on the festivities because we were all sick with fevers.

It's tradition, I guess. I have had an annoying stomachache since last Wednesday night (same day we made those ridiculously good potatoes, but I'm trying to deny that embarrassing fact.) I finally started coming around yesterday, and then M was struck down.

Luckily we had already visited Whim's parents for the (real) traditional water blessing on Monday. Good try Songkran, but I think we beat you this year.


  1. Oh, no!!!! I can't believe you don't dread Songkran! Your track record is AWFUL!!!
    (and that makes me sad because it sounds so delightful except when your Jeep car gets splashed.)

    Love the photo from the water blessing. So sweet!
    I hope Miles feels better. :(

    1. I know, it's bad!! But I've had enough fun ones over the years that I can't give up on it.

      Miles went to bed tonight feeling fine, so I hope it'll be an easier night than last night!

  2. That's so awful! I'm glad you got to participate this year, but sucks you weren't feeling better!!

    1. It wasn't bad, just kind of a lingering thing. :) No sign of Miles last night, so I think it's all behind us.

  3. If I were you I'd be anticipating it every year by now. Your way is better...trying to beat it! And you did :)
    Hope you're feeling better.
    The water blessing looks like a beautiful tradition.