Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Songkran Saturday

Saturday, we met up with some friends downtown to celebrate the first day of Songkran.

I'll just admit upfront: It's hard to get good Songkran pictures without a waterproof camera.

You can't take your camera or your phone along with you when you're out splashing, so you'll have to settle for these from-the-car shots on the way there.

The family that sprays together, stays together
Songkran on wheels.  Sadly hundreds of people die in traffic accidents every year during Songkran.  But I admit to doing it one year.
This was our corner for the day.  Some of our friends were already there when we arrived. 
 "But I don't want everybody to splash our Jeep car!"  Sometimes being almost-three is just hard.
Someone on the corner across from ours had rigged up an iPod/loudspeaker combination and was playing non-stop Glee-featured hits.  Seriously, it must have been some kind of compilation album because the only current songs I ever know are the ones on Glee, and I knew every song all afternoon.  So as if splashing in the sun wasn't enough, I got to feel like I was my favorite show all day long.

And not a seizure all day!


  1. OMG! I so wish I was there now. It all sounds so fun!
    Good music always makes everything better doesn't it?
    And YAY! for no seizure :D

    1. We had a good time after the boys warmed up to it. :)

  2. How fun!! I'm so jealous, it sounds like such a blast!

    Aww poor Lennon's sweet little face! Glad there weren't any seizures! :)

  3. I have been waiting for a Songkran follow up! I've told everyone I know about the holiday since your post explaining it! The underlying meaning is so lovely and how you celebrate is totally delightful. I want to be there!!

    The photo of Lennon not wanting his Jeep car splashed...cutest thing I've ever seen. That pout!! Heart melting. Being almost 3 is DEFINITELY hard sometimes!! --Lisa

    1. Oh now I wish I'd gotten some awesome shots. Whim did get some better ones, maybe I'll snag some of his. :)