Sunday, April 28, 2013

Puzzle master

I love puzzles. I'm talking about jigsaw puzzles, but to be fair, I also like word puzzles and number puzzles and riddles. So pretty much all puzzles. Sometimes at a family reunion a puzzle sits out on the table for days, and we sit around working on it and chatting.

L, the boy after my own heart, loves them too. Probably every mom thinks her own kids are particularly smart, so I'm not rushing out for his Mensa jr membership. But he is good, I have to give him that.

We have these lenticular (holographic) puzzles that he is so good at, I can mix up two different Cars 2 puzzles together and he can solve them both! Actually, he's just really really patient. He tries piece after piece until he gets it. Which blows the old, "He'll grow out of his seizures when he gets older and less easily frustrated" theory out of the water. Oh well.

Check out his latest challenge. He got it, too.


  1. Whoa! He did the all white puzzle!? That's amazing! I love puzzles too...all kinds.

  2. WOW...that is TOTALLY impressive! I wish I had that spacial relationship ability. It's so cool when you see an innate talent like that in your kids. Amazing!! --Lisa

    1. I love it because it sucks him in for ages in that way that (whisper) TV does, but it doesn't make me feel guilty.

  3. Oh my god Robin I love puzzles! I swear it's the only thing I'm actually really good at! I did this puzzle once that was the same image front and back, but on the back the image was rotated 90 degrees! It took forever but was so worth it!!