Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

I couldn't find four dress socks, so L got the tiger ones.
Special Easter dance moves, or just impossible to take a picture of two boys at once?  I'm not telling.
We had (my first! ever! homemade!) cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and the boys hunted for Dinosaur and Cars eggs before church, specialty of Mom's Easter package.

They're so cool and colorful, I think you hardly miss the dye.  No complaints, anyway.

Ok...Maybe not pin-worthy eggs, but look at that determination.  He was taking the decorating so seriously.
Holidays with little kids are so easy.  They don't have any expectations yet, about what holidays are supposed to be like.  Even though my own childhood memories tell me that my boys need Easter baskets with chocolate bunnies and new spring outfits, they roll with whatever we tell them. 

And there's no reason why we can't make chocolate bunnies and get new outfits.  We will, probably, some Easter.  But I think if I had said Easter is the day we eat carrots and fold origami rabbits, they'd love it.  They just like doing something out of the ordinary.

That all might change next year when M starts school.... so I'm enjoying it while I can.


  1. Oh my god I love Miles' shoes!! They are so hip! I want a pair!

    Hahahhaha fold origami rabbits that would be awesome you should totally make that a tradition!

    Whatever, if he likes your tradition he will totally support them. I love my family traditions and think they are better than everyone else's. Even if they're "wrong" or whatever.

    1. Oh and I LOVE those dinosaurs!! They are too cool!

    2. I wanted him to wear his black shoes (like Lennon's) since they only dress up a few times a year and he's going to outgrow them! Whim agrees with you though, he loves those sneakers.

      Aren't those dinos clever? Now that we're thinking outside the dye box, I bet there are all kinds of awesome ways to decorate eggs.

  2. Oh, the concentration on Lennon's face as he is decorating...SO CUTE!!!
    You are so right. A day out of the ordinary is fantastic and it's enough. They really do go with whatever you make the holiday. It's awesome!! --Lisa

    1. Isn't that sweet? Each one was his masterpiece!

  3. Look at the cute little outfits! I love how stylish your boys always look :D
    Love the dinosaur eggs too. Unique and fun!
    Hope you had a great Easter :D

    1. Thanks! You wouldn't have thought so yesterday.... we got all the way to the market and realized Miles wasn't wearing any pants.... just a t-shirt boxer shorts!