Sunday, April 14, 2013

Don't be a splashhole

If you're ever in Thailand for Songkran, follow these simple rules to avoid being a splashhole.

1. Don't splash someone holding an infant. Squirting with a little squirtgun is enough in this case, a bowlful of water in a baby's face makes you a splashhole.

2. Don't splash someone riding a bike with a truck driving behind them. You probably don't want to actually be responsible for someone's death and see them get run over by a truck in front of your very eyes. Again, excellent time for the squirtgun. Killer is worse than splashhole.

3. This one is hotly debated, but I am firm on this one: Don't splash someone if they are talking on their phone. This is mean. I would cry actual tears if my phone got wrecked. Come on.

4. Don't splash a kid who is sobbing. Despite talking about it for weeks, when it
came time to really play, it took both my boys a bit of time to warm up to the craziness. Eventually they were having a blast, but both were sobbing at the first direct splash to the face. And the next 25 splashes to the face really didn't help.

Since Songkran is all about having fun, this simple question should guide you: will this splash make anyone miserable for an extended period of time?

Splashed baby? Yes! Both the infant and the parent will be miserable as he screams all the way home, through an outfit change, and another half hour or so for good measure.

Crushed biker? Safe to say several people will be miserable (including yourself) not to mention the dead person.

Wrecked phone? Yes, that would be miserable.

Overwhelmed kid? I can testify, that that was miserable for quite a while.

The streets are packed with people who've come out to play. No need to seek out the ones who are trying to stay dry. The thing is, holiday-makers-wouldn't this be common sense if we were in all of our home countries?


  1. I love a good water fight. In fact, last week, my son was teasing me and I chucked a full glass of water at him and then he found some water and threw it at me and then I grabbed him and threw him in the shower fully clothed and turned on the cold water. THAT was funny.

  2. Hehe...ours is a water fight too. But we do make sure babies are out of it :D
    I would love to visit Thailand during this festival...sounds like a lot of fun though.
    I could not agree with you more on the phone thing...I'd be bawling on the streets for sure.

    1. At least your babies stay safe. :)

      Luckily my phone stayed high and dry.

  3. My 3yo would LOVE this holiday, because he already does those things. Usually IN the house. He's figured out how to turn his sippy cups into squirt guns.

  4. Hi there. Stopping by from the Honest Voices linkup. The title of your post drew me in, and then I think I fell in love with you after reading your "About Me" profile. You've got a new stalker, errrr, I mean follower. Looking forward to reading more. :) Do you have a Facebook page? If so, I wanna know. :)

    1. Thanks :) I do have Facebook, and I'm the only Robin Jingjit out there. I'll be checking your blog out too.

  5. this is so funny. i can't imagine being part of this holiday!

    1. If you ever come to Thailand, make it April!!