Thursday, March 14, 2013

Two more

Two seizures yesterday. Thankfully he's already down for the night, so today's a no-seizure day.

One-hurt, slipped and fell in the bathroom
Two- looked around at the playground and didn't see Whim (he moved from the table to talk to another dad) and thought he had been left. Poor kid, that was a sad one.

I was reminded again last night of how different the boys are. We went to the movies (Oz, the Great and Powerful) and L charmed me beyond explanation. Any time something scary or loud or sudden would happen, he would turn around and bury his face in my shoulder, wrapping his chubby arms tightly around my neck, not looking back until I gave him the ok.
It was adorably cute, and entirely new. I'd never had that moment, even with M. I so often think of them as 'the boys' or 'M and L' that I forget to think of them as 'M' and 'L.'

And that Easter package! L has literally not been more than an arm's length from it since it arrived. He has carried that box up and down the stairs, lugged it from his room all over the house and back again. He's sentimental and single-minded.

Today when I got home from work and was coming up the stairs, he burst from him room shouting,"Mom's here!" only to circle back, grab the package, and come running out again without missing a beat.

So many of L's firsts are seconds. I love seeing the parts of his personality emerge that are different from his brother.


  1. Precious little boy!! Look at that cute little face!

    How adorable that he wants to carry the package everywhere!!

    That's so sad about the second seizure. I mean, they're both sad, but to think he'd gotten left? Awww.

    1. He's really sensitive about that. Poor little lamb.

  2. So interesting to read the part about how you often group them together...I do the same thing with my girls. School conferences last week reminded me how very different they both are. Love the picture of your sweet boy! :)-Ashley

    1. I feel like I should know this-my sister and I were so different growing up. We got along well, but we were no peas in a pod!

  3. I could totally see Lennon all over the house with the box of treats :D CUTE!
    Sorry about the seizures though.