Saturday, March 9, 2013

Secret weapons

M woke up crying this morning.

It looked like it was going to be that kind of a day.  It got precariously close to being that kind of day.   Sometimes, when M gets like that, I can supermom through it.  The meltdowns don't faze me, I'm empathetic and creative in finding ways to keep the boys calm and separated and happy.

But this morning I was tired.  And annoyed.  Supermom wasn't coming through for me.

It wasn't even 9 am, and I was beyond my last nerve when I remembered to get him a piece of magic chocolate.  Then Whim suggested our other secret weapon- the Nong Bon Watersport Center near our house.
It's an unkempt, secluded park.  One of just a few places in Bangkok that doesn't feel like a city.  
One of my favorite pictures I've ever been lucky enough to snap.
We discovered it when M was little, and I love it so much I sometimes don't mention it to people.    There are tons of other gorgeous, perfectly-manicured parks in the city where people meet to have playgroups and practice Tai Chi, but they all feel like parks in the city.

It's never crowded.
This park has dusty paths and patchy grass, and ants.  In fact, I think that is what keeps it safe. The entrance to the King's park, the most beautifully kept part in Bangkok, is on the very same block. 

These were taken the week L was born, and this is the ONLY one of me that I liked.
Our first outing after L was born was a picnic lunch there.  We took a lunch and a football and I relaxed with my new little sweetie while Whim and M ran, and explored, and found shells and breathed and took a vacation from city life.

Thankfully, it's still just as beautiful and secluded three years later.  We spent the morning there and and unwound.

Whim and the boys knocked fruit from the trees with long sticks, and opened them up to find them full of larvae.  When it comes to my boys, that is considered the height of entertainment.

We climbed trees and found treasures and breathed.

What is it about nature and a little bit of open space that calms us?
Heading home
By the time we packed up and headed home, the awful morning was long forgotten.  Even if he melts down again by bedtime, at least we had some lovely moments in between.


  1. Sounds like a perfect Saturday morning :) I'm glad it went well even though it started a bit rough. Supermoms also need time-outs. Maybe it was one of those times today. It's okay.
    You take good pictures :D

    1. Thanks, Xae. It turned into a good day in the end. :)

  2. Your park sounds even better than magic chocolate! I'm so glad that you have a place like that, and it isn't too crowded...and it's something your family has been enjoying for years. That's so special! --Lisa
    PS. LOVE all of the pictures. :)

    1. We are lucky! I just hope it never gets too popular. There are all kinds of free watersport rentals there, too, which we'll take advantage of when the boys are older, too.

  3. Look at that gorgeous picture of baby Miles! Love it!

    What a fun place to go! And you can't always be Supermom-sometimes you need Superdad :) What a fun place to go! If I ever come visit, I hope you'll give me directions haha.

    1. For sure! You should totally come here!