Saturday, March 2, 2013

My secret to healthful cooking

I recently wondered if people who read this blog ever mistakenly assume I spend hours cooking nutritious, additive-free food for my boys.

I never post about cooking or post recipes or anything, but since I talk about their diet all time, I guess people could assume that.

I mean, I would be so proud if I was that awesome.  At first I had written, "I would love to do that!" but that's not true, obviously, since I could be cooking fabulous things for them every day if I wanted to, and I don't.  I read some other blogs and I think it's amazing how moms cook homemade chicken soup and grind their own wheat flour and stuff.

But no.  I can cook basic meals.  I make a mean pot of rice, scramble a good egg.  But I work full time, and my awesome stay-at-home husband is a terrific cook.  He doesn't cook every day either, though.  He doesn't need to.

We have a market.
Just one peek at the colorful market near our home.
I love this market. 

We can show up anytime, unannounced, and delicious, healthful foods will appear before us for next to nothing.  We've had to alter our choices slightly, in the last year, as we've adopted our additive-free lifestyle, but there are always plenty of options for us.

I almost always order this:

Kanom jeen.  My favorite market dish.  I get it every time.

But sometimes I get this.

Just kidding, it's the same meal on a different day.  I told you I always get it.  It's noodles with fish curry.  I don't know how much it would cost to buy the ingredients, or how long it would take to make the curry, but I don't know why I would, when I can get it at the market for 75 cents, with free complements about my gorgeous children and no dishes to wash afterward.

We are also very gentle with ourselves when it comes to what constitutes a meal.  We don't count carbs or calories or grams of protein or servings of fruit or anything else.  Our one iron-clad requirement is that everything we feed the boys is additive-free.  And that means I am totally fine with giving them a jam sandwich and milk for dinner at home some days if that's what's there, knowing that there more meals tomorrow and that in the end, they'll get everything they need, even if that means they have hard boiled eggs, oranges, and a cucumber for breakfast.

Today we had saffron chicken and rice, and the boys both devoured theirs, along with ox tail soup with boiled tomatoes. And moments like that are what dissolve any guilt I ever have about not cooking much at home.  Because even if I did, there is no way on earth I would have ever made ox tail soup with boiled tomatoes.  My homecooking would actually deprive them...


  1. How cool that you can get good, inexpensive food at your doorstep. We do have a handful of places around here too, but they're almost all Malay food so I don't go there.
    As long as your boys eat healthy why should you worry about where the food come from? I wouldn't.
    Also, you got me with the pictures. I read 'but sometimes I get this' and thought, but it's the same thing! LOL.

    1. Hahaha. I have my favorite, so there's no need to get anything else. ;)

  2. I'm so jealous, that market looks amazing!

    But you're totally right, why bother cooking (some things) when you can get them already deliciously made for you with no dishes! And cheaper!

    1. Me too.
      And the fruit is heavenly. If I ever have to live somewhere where fruit isn't cheap like this, I don't know what I'll do! :)

  3. Oh, you made me laugh!! When I saw the second photo I thought, "Oh, man! That looks like the same thing to me!" hahahaha.

    Your market does look fantastic!! Wonderful!! I like your approach to eating and taking care of your boys. You have it just right! :)

    1. hahah... I made myself laugh with that silly trick.