Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A letter in the mail

M has a new penpal.

Getting a letter from him was the highlight of his life.

Wouldn't that smile make you want to move heaven and earth to arrange for more letters?
Of course, he can only write a dozen words or so, but that doesn't stifle his excitement. He dictated the rest to me.

He is now officially in love with mail. We write mail every day. The carefully folded letters go in the pretend mailbox (the piano) and then we find them and excitedly read them, and write replies.

Given his complete obsession, I asked all my family if they would send him some letters, too, to make his mail fantasy come true. The first one arrived the other day.

M diligently wrote his greeting, carefully copying my aunt's name and instructing me to write several lines about bees and their stingy butts. Moments like this make me so wish I could somehow homeschool. I can't imagine the joy of seeing them inspired to learn and finding their passions and running with them.  Of course we can do that without homeschooling.  Maybe that's what we're doing now.

Anyway, in M' book, nothing beats a good old-fashioned letter in the mailbox.

Unless it's a package from Nana full of gorgeous, adorable Easter things! (And not junk food - except a special treat for me!)

Thank you, Nana!

That package was probably enough to keep him excited about the mail until we start seeing Christmas cards!


  1. His smile just made my night:D How adorable! That's genuine happiness.
    I love it that kids can find such happiness in the smallest things!!

    1. It doesn't take much to thrill a kid, does it :)

  2. Oh my god awesome! Email me your address and I will totally write to Miles!

    1. Awesome! His excitement about mail is going to teach him to write better than anything else I could dream up to teach him. :)

  3. AW! This is so fantastic! I'm with Miles...there is nothing like getting a real letter from someone! (and yes I'd definitely write loads of letters to see that smile...ADORABLE!!) --Lisa

    1. It's true! I haven't had a letter in the mailbox for ages, either.