Saturday, February 9, 2013

Yes day

Whim is out of town for the weekend. 

Sometimes, weekends like these aren't my favorite things.

For one thing, I am not shy about admitting that I think being at home with the kids is a harder task than going to work.  Yes, it is worth it to put in the hours developing their minds and character.  Yes, it is a joy to be with my children.  But in terms of being draining and requiring mental energy, Whim and I both know I have it easy going off to work all day.  Which is probably why, when it comes to the weekend, I take over things with the kids and Whim's the one who goes off duty, even when he is in town.

The other thing is, even though I haven't had a relaxing weekend in over four years, I can't retrain my mind to foresee weekends as the time to buckle down and get to work.  I still get that little thrill on Friday afternoons knowing that the freedom of the weekend is coming.  So sometimes that 6:00 am wake up call can be particularly painful.  And when Whim's out of town, it's only that much harder.

Anyway, today before the boys woke up, I decided to make today a yes day.  It's something that I have read about other blogger moms doing, and the idea is simple:  say yes to everything the kids ask for, within reason. 

The truth is, my boys are lovely, sweet, helpful, and fun.  The only thing that makes spending the day with them feel hard is whatever I have on my own agenda.  I want to read a book, or organize something, or work on a project, or sleep in, or take a nap, or mess around on facebook.  And everything they ask me keeps me from that.  Sure, I can put my foot down and say "I'm the mom and I say go play in your room by yourselves, so I can read."  But those days always seem to end up feeling the longest, full of squabbles and time outs and tears.

I'm not suggesting we give in to our kids' every whim, just because it's easier.  Of course we have to teach them that they aren't the center of the universe, that sometimes the answer has to be no.  I'm just saying that so often I say no without even really considering things, and sometimes the only reason I say no is I don't want to make the effort, or I want to do something else with my time.

We made chocolate chip muffins.  The kids got to scoop the batter. 
I braced myself for an absolute disaster area and horrible muffins, but it was great.
They are officially the scoopers of choice from here on out.
We ate chocolate chip muffins with breakfast... and lunch.
We took the bikes out for a spin and came right back when we were 'sausted'.
They had an outdoor bath.
I sat on the floor and colored, too.  (I admit to saying no to L several times as he tried to scribble on my page!
Come on, L, this is the best drawing I've ever done.)
I read the library books four times over.  This one made me cry.
M got to make a tray of ice, wait for it to freeze, and drink a glass of water with his own ice in it. (??)
This may have been the highlight of his day.
Normally we stay home when Whim is out of town.  Here we are in a taxi on the road to our friend's apartment for a visit.  L said this was the "rainbow chair" picture. 
Department store fish tank.  We studied this tank at length and did not hurry to move on.
We bought snacks and ate them at the filthy food court table instead of taking them home.
We had a dinner opera - tonight's song "Eeples and Baneenees."  L sat on the table.
We made a tent even though it was almost bedtime.
We played eat the card.  Whereby you have to pretend to eat every flash card in the deck, one by one,
and then give a reason why you spit it out.   Ex. Oscar: too hairy.
Now the kids are asleep, I'm admiring my hair.  Well, it's true.


  1. Aww, such a lovely day you all had :)Looks like you and the boys had so much fun.
    And your hair looks amazing, Robin!

  2. What a great weekend! You've inspired me to try a little more "yes"-saying. I hear you on everything--trying to keep my own agenda stresses me and makes me cranky. The weekends end up being not-fun that way :(

    1. Isn't it genius in its simplicity? I can't take credit for it- I read about it on a handful of different blogs, but it was a good move.
      We'll definitively do it again. Also, lots of moms tell the kids that it's yes day, but I wasn't ready for that. I just said yes.

  3. Fun!!! It sounds like you had a really fun day! Even just the thought of it sounds exhausting-sometimes I babysit my niece and nephew and it feels like days go by before my sister or brother in law would finally walk in the door!

    I love Where The Wild Things Are. Also, the eat the card game sounds hilarious.

    And your hair is definitely worth admiring!! I love it!

    1. Even though I usually don't want to play that eat the card game, whenever I do I always end up having a good time, because nothing makes the boys laugh like that silly game.

  4. I absolutely love the YES DAY concept. I feel like sometimes I just say no as a reflex. I can't say yes all the time, but I should say it more when I can. I LOVE the tent right before bedtime. That was probably so much fun and a great memory in the making...and something I know I would say no to because it's close to bedtime. But look how adorable they look in it!

    Your hair is fantastic. I'd admire it too, if I were you. I'd never get anything done.

    1. I know... And it really only took a couple of minutes. I should remember that the next time they ask. That tent was really a simple pleasure.