Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mega banana

When we were kids, there was a gift shop in town called The Unique Boutique.  The florescent sign out front was old and partially burnt out, and privately referring to it as "The Unique Bout" always gave me a little smile.  I still think of it as The Unique Bout, even though they surely have a new sign by now.

Last night, we went to Mega Bangna for dinner, and I was so happy to see this sign.  Tell me your mind doesn't automatically fill this in as Mega Banana.   Things like this bring me joy.

Just like that, it was settled.  Mega Bangna will now and forevermore be known as Mega Banana.
Whenever we go to Mega Banana (ha!) we always eat at Reflections.  I'm not going to say it's the perfect restaurant.  I guess if you don't like cheap and delicious additive-free Thai food, it might not really be your thing.

Whim and my sister-in-law Wum.
But even if we didn't love the food, we'd still come here.  A place where kids are considered and expected to want to have a little fun is surprisingly hard to come by.
Bouncy buffalo - what's not to love?
They can run and play in the square while we wait for our food. 
Then they haven't already used up all their patience and good manners by the time the food arrives.
But they aren't sent off to a fast-food style playland.  The kids and adults share this lovely outdoor space.
I was, once again, amazed at how well the boys behaved.  I've said this before, but I finally understand why people like taking their kids places!  They played together nicely while we waited, they were charming to the other patrons, and they ate beautifully.

Auntie Wum giving after-dinner twirls.
The funniest thing was, as we were leaving, an older gentleman quietly encouraged me, "Don't worry about little boys being naughty.  It means they are smart."  All I could do is laugh - you want to talk about naughty?  I've seen naughty!  (Actually the Thai word for naughty is distinct from disobedient, and could maybe be better translated as playful or scampy. But still...)

But it did encourage me, though.   Parenting a wild child means you fight different battles.  M might be crazy at times, but I've never once heard him say he's bored. He's confident, independent, brave, and fun loving.  He takes initiative, has opinions, and can speak for himself, at four.   Maybe, to some who are used to children twice his age who won't even answer a direct question, that seems naughty.

Even when M was at his wildest, I wouldn't have traded him for a mild-mannered bump-on-a-log.  Those traits I see in him are going to make a fine man someday.  How someone could see a two- and four-year-old eating quietly at the table as naughty, well, I don't know.  But I will take my parenting lot with no complaints.  The hard parts are short-lived and none-too-frequent.  Unique bouts, if you will.


  1. No wonder you love Mega Banana! :) It looks like a blast!

    I've often thought of your exact point. My two kids are completely different. Bobby is more introspective and quiet. Lucy is more zany and out there. There are good and less good aspects to both of their natures. I wouldn't change a thing about either one. (well except the messiness...they are both really messy)

    1. If I could pick and choose, I'd take all their craziness, but not the part that makes them antagonize eachother. :)

  2. Haha I totally filled it in with banana!

    I love Thai food, so I would love to eat there! It looks so fun too!

    And how cute are the names Whim and Wum?!

    1. Whim's family all have W names- both full names and nicknames. We broke the trend with our boys. :)