Monday, January 7, 2013

pregnancy fears

When I was pregnant with L, I had a ridiculous fear.

Not a normal ridiculous fear, like when I spent 6 days of my first pregnancy convinced that M would be born deaf.  I actually cried thinking of how he'd never be able to understand his Papa's love of music.   Nevermind the fact that the suspicion came only from my imagination.  It was such a tragic twist of fate.

No, my fear when I was pregnant with L was that he wouldn't be cute.  How horribly shallow.  But M was such an adorable baby...

When L was born, the very first thing the doctor said was, "He looks just like his brother!"  And it was true. 

Newborn M
Newborn L

They've looked so similar from day one.

Brother snuggles
Brother hug/chokehold
Even though they're more than a year and a half apart, people still ask us if they are twins.

So the cuteness fear ended up being unfounded (as well as the deafness one, obviously.)

And I guess because Lennon looked so much like a little M, I expected him to be just like M was.  Same struggles, same victories.  Obviously not.  

Just today I was reminded of one of the differences between our boys. 

M climbed out of his crib as a barely-toddler and never looked back.  The boy who had always been my great little sleeper discovered the fun of climbing out of bed 30 times each night at bedtime.  And coming into our room at 5:00 am each day to let us know that morning came.  (Thank goodness that didn't last long!)

L, as far as I can tell, will be in his crib until Kindergarten.  He has a bed that he likes, but strictly on a non-sleeping basis.  He loves his crib so much it was what he was thankful for on Thanksgiving day.  The side rail stays down so he can get in and out on his own, but he prefers to call us in the morning and have us lift him out, just like when he was a baby.   He still happily takes a long nap every afternoon, just to have the chance to reunite with his beloved crib.

Funny that I spent precious pregnancy energy worrying about him not being as cute as his brother, when I should have been worried that he would be as rascally as him! 


  1. Brother hug/chokehold is the funniest and most apt caption ever. I love it!
    Your boys really are the cutest! (and I had to kick both my children out of their cribs or they'd still be in it!)

    1. We've been waiting for someone who needed it so we would be able to pass it along and have a reason. (Baby so and so needs it) He just loves it so much..