Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All the questions

As a teacher, I often receive gifts from my students' parents.
I appreciate them, naturally, but the whole thing is a little awkward.

As they are walking up the path to pick up their son or daughter, I can see them holding a gift.  Sometimes it's a wrapped gift, but often it's something like a bag of fruit or a pastry.  Just last week I got a lovely bottle of honey.

This problem of mine, like so many others, stems from the fact that I tend to over-think things. I have seen the gift, but she's still 100 feet away from me.  Now what do I do?  My conversation with myself goes something like this:
Don't look directly at it, jeez, that's rude!  Just look her in the eyes, smile, and look elsewhere.  Good. Ok, looking at students… looking at the clock… looking at the playground… and she's here. Just keep smiling, she said hello, but she hasn't said anything about the gift.  It's probably not even for me, ha! I am so self-centered!  Hugs her son, ruffles his hair, uh-oh, she's turning to me.  If it's for me, should I act surprised?  I hate pretending not to know things!  It's practically lying, ugh!  Ok, here it comes….almost done…. I think this smile shows the proper mixture of gratitude and humility.   Another smile and a wai for good measure.  Smile.  Smile.  And… She's gone! Phew…

Even though this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever typed, judging from every other time I tell people weird things about me, I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Anyway, today my friends over at the Dose of Reality are sharing one of my posts.  And it's kind of the same thing.  I am so thrilled and grateful, but it's awkward… Do I put up a post now, thanking them and welcoming visitors from their blog, since I'm going to busy all evening, even though it's not up yet?   Surely it's best to thank as soon as possible?  A preemptive thanks is better than a late one.  And it's bad manners to leave guests un-greeted!  But then what if they do the post late tonight and this weird post is on my blog for 18 hours, looking ridiculous?  Do I wait until it's up, and then hurry to post right after that, but risk looking like a weird person who was sitting on her computer all night long waiting for someone else to post?  Do I sit regally by and wait, as though being featured on a cool and hilarious blog is no big deal, and then post a calm thank you tomorrow?  So many questions!!

I feel like that weird drawing that you always see circulating the internet with captions like "READ ALL THE BOOKS!" and "EAT ALL THE THINGS!"  Except it's "THINK ALL THE QUESTIONS!"

M drew this last weekend after asking me to show him how to draw teeth.  Doesn't it remind you of that girl somehow?


  1. Haha that picture totally reminds me of that! You're taking about Alie Brosh from Hyperbole and a Half right? Here's the link to her comic where she's like CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!!

    And I totally know how you feel-I get so uncomfortable when I know a present or whatever is for me and then I overthink it (ha) and panic and feel like it's really obvious when I should just relax and be normal....but I can't :)

    1. Yes, that's totally the one! I never knew where that picture came from.
      I knew I wasn't alone in over thinking, given your blog name. ;)

    2. Haha well I'm glad that was the one you are thinking of.

      I figured it would be an appropriate title for my blog, since I do it all the time! :)

  2. OMG...Robin!! You poor thing!!! Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

    Girl, Ashley and I NEVER EVER want to be at the root of someone's anxiety, even if it's just for a day. We are all about supporting friends and lifting them up, not making them uncomfortable!! Gah!!! You don't have to do anything!! Nothing! Nada! Just sit back and let the people come read your awesome blog. That's it!!

    And I love Hyperbole and a Half and that picture DOES look just like one of her drawings!! --Lisa

    1. Are you kidding??!! Don't apologize! I'm so grateful to you guys! If I didn't have that to think about, my mind would find something else to over think, anyway! Not complaining at all, just thought I might as well put all those silly thoughts in writing and get some entertainment out of them, rather than let them fly around my head stressing me out. :) Thanks so much, you guys!

  3. Hahahah...this is so funny - even more so because I can totally relate.
    And yes! The picture does look like her. I never knew the origin until now, thanks to Tara :)

    1. I knew it! I knew other people must obsess like that sometimes. ;)