Tuesday, December 11, 2012


L represented RAS at Saturday's Special Needs Awareness Program by being as adorable as possible.

Setting up -I had all my STARS stuff out, so my table felt so official!
L stepped up to give our booth the cute factor that we were lacking.
And when that balloon popped right in his face? No seizure.  Awesome.

The SNAP festival was so good to be a part of.  Because it was the first year, there was still room to grow, but it is definitely the start of something very good.   I can only imagine how many people they will be able to impact in the years to come. 

I didn't think to get any pictures of the rest of the event, but along with the informational booths like ours, there were support/therapy booths, carnival games, puppet shows, olympics-style games, live music, food vendors, and all kinds of free activities for kids to take part in.

PlanToys, a local brand I love, had play area filled with their beautiful wooden toys.  The boys loved that there was shady place to sit down and play, but I kept waiting for the sales pitch.  I couldn't have been more wrong - there were no toys for sale, they were actually giving them away.  M played with this wooden cake decorating set for ages... I think I may have to get him one for Christmas. 
For a kid who isn't great with imaginary games, he sure loved playing with this cake.
I had high hopes of connecting with another RAS mom at the event.  And I did!  Kind of.  A friend stopped at my booth and told me that her running partner's son had similar symptoms when he was younger, but has now grown out of it.  I know her, too, and was able to ask her more about it this afternoon.  Her son fainted rather than having seizures, but they never had a diagnosis.  It's so encouraging to hear about another child who outgrew it, and it makes me that much more sure that we won't be dealing with these seizure forever.    

Maybe more important than me personally connecting with another parent, however, was that I was able to get the word out to several organizations who help families of children with special needs full time here in Bangkok.  Several representatives stopped at my table and took STARS information back to add to their files.  They meet with families every day, and they have a much greater chance of reaching people than I do at one Saturday fair.

And lastly, the same hospital who told me L was spoiled and we let him cry too much had a booth directly across from ours.  Whim took the high road and kindly stopped by their booth with a handful of pamphlets.  Hopefully the next family will end up feeling more supported than we did, and they'll walk away with answers instead of all those scary questions.  And that's what SNAP was all about.

I don't know what he's doing in this picture, but he's cute.


  1. Hooray for you! That's so awesome you are getting the word out. And hopefully the hospital will be better at talking with people after this.

    That sounds like an awful experience. How did you not punch that doctor in the face?!

    1. I think doctors here are particularly bad about not listening. We actually lodged a formal complaint at the hospital. These girls at the booth were gracious and responsive- I hope the powers that be at the hospital listen.

  2. First of all, the cute factor was definitely off the charts at your table!
    I think it's fantastic that you were able to make a connection to another family living with RAS in their lives, too, as well as spread the word! Win-win!

  3. So happy to hear that Lennon had no problems when that balloon popped right in his face. He's come so far already!

    Love that you were able to spread the word about RAS and connect with another Mom who's been through it.

    Also...the picture of the three of you? Awesome! You're right...your husband is hunky! :)

    1. That balloon thing was such a great step forward. I've never been so happy to see my kid crying. :) my mind still goes straight to seizure mode when things like that happen,

  4. Sounds like it was a cool event, and good you met some other people to connect with. What a cute family you have. I like that last picture of Lennon. Whim kind of looks like Johnny Depp.

  5. Thanks, B! I agree... We are pretty cute.