Monday, December 17, 2012

messages from Santa

We don't really do Santa around here.  We're not anti-Santa or anything, but it just sort of ended up this way.

My mom told us the truth about Santa when I was 4, and I was always glad to play along, but secretly be in the know.  We still put out cookies and milk, wrote lists, and got gifts from Santa-- right up through high school and college.  It was tradition, we just knew it was only for fun.

W, of course, grew up without many special Christmas traditions.  They went to church, they went caroling, (which deserves its own post - caroling in Thailand is strange) and they may or may not have gotten a gift.  But there was no tree or decorations, no Christmas cookies, and certainly no Santa. 

Living here, there is no outside culture that would let me just allow them to believe without personally telling them.  Sure, they've seen Santa in movies and books, but they don't think Mickey Mouse or Spiderman are real.  I would have to talk about him and tell them he's coming and explain the magic and I wasn't up for that.  Because the thing is, it's one thing to allow your child to believe in something beautiful for a while, like Santa.  But it's another thing to personally convince them it's true, and then turn around later and tell them it's not.  No judgement from me for all the Santa-believing families out there.  It just wasn't going to work for us.

But... that didn't stop me from creating these adorable messages from Santa.  They don't have to believe to enjoy them!  And they're free.  Nothing beats that!
One for M.
One for L.


  1. Oh my god!! That might be the cutest thing I have ever seen! Heheh...I think I'm starting to believe too ;)
    Such a sweet thing you're doing for the boys.
    PS: I couldn't watch Miles' video, but I guess they are pretty similar huh?
    Happy holidays to you :D

    1. Oops, thanks Xae. I'll have to fix that link later when I'm on the computer.