Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We had a really wonderful, special, calm Christmas.   We went pretty light on presents, but it's as if the boys knew they had to savor every moment, and they really worked together to make today special.

We stayed snuggled up in bed until around 8, and when we finally went downstairs, the boys wanted to take a walk and deliver candy canes to our neighbors.   After that, when they looked in their stockings, they each found a book and snacks and wanted to read (and eat) them right away.   We made cocoa and took it outside and had a Christmas picnic.

First fruit snacks - huge hit!  Fresh from the States, thanks to our friends the Archers.
"This is healthy for me, right Mom?  This is no additives?"
Cocoa and fruit snacks for breakfast.  Why not, it's Christmas!
The presents were just the same way.   They'd open something and play with it for ages before going on to the next.   Thanks to my mom and Nana, they each had several gifts waiting for them under the tree.  They genuinely liked and were grateful for every thing they received.

What could it be?  What could it be?
"Mary and Joseph... and she shepherds and angels!"
It will never cease to amaze me how much he retains when he appears not to be listening.

I don't know how Whim ever gets candid pictures of their faces- all I ever get is hair!
We went out for a late lunch and when we came back, it was birthday cake and playing with new toys until bedtime.
Same strawberry icing.  I'll try a new color soon.
He nursed that cake for half an hour!
This is the same kid that ate the equivalent of 3 gingerbread boys in dough bites every time I turned around.

I won't take credit for how sweet the boys were today, because if I did, I'd also have to take responsibility for what a terror M was during Wum's wedding on Saturday. :)   Some things are just the luck of the draw.  But I felt really lucky and blessed all day long.

Tonight when I put the boys to bed, I let L down gently that when he woke up tomorrow, it wasn't going to be Christmas anymore.   He crumpled into tears, just as I knew he would, so I was lucky to have New Year's Eve to distract him with. :)   Poor little lamb.   He really loved Christmas this year. :)

Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. That is so awesome! I always love when children are able to be grateful for the presents they get and want to open them slowly instead of being like "okay, NEXT!"

    1. I think kids might be like this by nature... I don't think we did anything special to train them to be grateful or anything. I think it's because usually there are so many gifts to open, adults rush them along until it becomes the habit.

      But really, have you ever known a kid that opened something cool-looking and then just put it to the side. They want to play with them.

  2. I love how each boy's entire face is inside of his cocoa mug!

    1. Isn't that ridiculous? Neither of them could finish their whole cup. They mostly just had a few sips and then sloshed them all over the place. :)

  3. Robin...thank you for sharing your Christmas with us. What a joy!

    1. Thanks for coming to read. It was one of my favorite Christmasses yet. :)