Monday, December 10, 2012

Highlights from Phichet

The boys are asleep, the car is unloaded, Whim's at a gig, and I'm gearing up for heading back to work tomorrow.  Every vacation and long weekend tricks me into thinking I'm a stay-at-home mom.  What do you mean I need to type my lesson plans and the homework sheets?

I shouldn't have taken a shower so fast after we got home.  That upcountry smell is already gone.
These strings of lanterns reminded me of the beautiful Yi Peng lanterns- just a few weeks too late.
This weekend we brought the boys to Phichet to help Whim's dad's put on a Christmas program/outreach.  Whim took care of the music, his Dad did the message, the boys charmed everyone in sight, and I mostly tried to keep them out of trouble.  There were some crazy moments, but I'm glad we did it.  It's important for the boys to see us living out what we say is important to us.  There's no better time than Christmas to get involved in helping the less fortunate, and it sparked some good conversations with Miles, too.  Happily, the event went off well, but I don't actually think it was the highlight of anyone's weekend.
(I think) Whim's highlight was this exchange between M and Xaio Lin.
XL: You are a boy?
M: Mmmm (nod)
XL: Mmmm (nod)
And that was it.  Best buds for the weekend.  Sorry L.  Luckily for you they like little brothers.

(Definitely) The boys' highlight- seeing this swan at a rest stop on the way home. 
It's a good thing we didn't take them anywhere expensive, because nothing could have topped this in their eyes.
Every mom has a few photos of her kids on the pot... I like that his will be a little different. 

Actually, even though I loved that toilet photoshoot, my real highlight came this afternoon.  We had the bigger part of a long, long drive ahead of us.  I glance back and....

It was such a quiet ride home!

Success!  Whim's brother (center) was just posing.


  1. The swan would have been the highlight for me too. They are so pretty and graceful and majestic looking.

  2. Aw! I love your last picture! How sweet!!!

    1. Thanks Courtney! There is something so sweet about scampy boys, fast asleep.

  3. "You a boy?" hahaha. That's awesome. I love the last picture of the boys sleeping, too.