Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thank you STARS!

In December, ICS is hosting SNAP - a special needs awareness program. The goals for the event are to celebrate children with special needs, to help provide parents with needed resources, and to build relationships in the community.

I'll be there, raising awareness for RAS and trying to connect with other RAS parents.

Last month I wrote to the STARS trust and told them about the event and how I'd be hosting a table there.

Look what arrived this week!  I didn't know exactly how I was going to set up my table, or how I was going to connect with people there.  I felt a little stuck.  But just looking at their generous gift is getting me so excited, and now my head is full of ideas.

I am so grateful for the pamphlets and information sheets.  I even received 100 cards I can pass out to people who are interested in knowing more.  The "Jack has RAS" booklet in the center is a charming story about a child dealing with RAS.  I would love to be able to put one in the hands of another RAS parent.

I hope to raise awareness of RAS, so that when L starts school at ICS (in 2 years) the community will be familiar with it.  I'd also love to share how diet has helped him reduce seizures, show what to do when someone is having a seizure, and maybe dispel some myths about RAS and its causes.  Anything else I should be sure to cover?


  1. How neat! You will do great at this and I am so happy you are able to spread awareness:)