Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Still going

I'm still working on the 31 days of change.  I haven't missed a day yet!

Today, by happenstance, I read Rita's master bathroom remodel unveiling at This (sorta) Old Life.

I could hardly believe the before and after shots were from the same room.  The before looked like your typical, white bathroom.  It looked like my bathroom, but with gold accents.  The after looks like something straight from a home decorating magazine, but cooler.  With personalized style.

Doesn't this just make you want to light a candle and take a bath?
We aren't doing any remodeling around here, but the shower curtain called out to me.  Our shower curtain is beige and blends in with the beige tile behind it. It looked fine in our old house, with burgundy tile, but I haven't liked it since we moved. Four years ago.  I haven't liked it for 4 years, but I haven't replaced it because I am lazy and cheap.  And because I don't like going to the home improvement store with Mr. Octopus arms who loves to grab anything and everything and throw it all into the cart.  And the kids are a pain, too. 

But a nice, busy shower curtain will transform that dull room.  I have a date with Index Living Mall tomorrow after work.  Anyone with a two year old and a four year old can tell you that shopping without them is at least as relaxing as a weekend spa getaway.

Will a new shower curtain inspire me to attack the rest of that bathroom? Well, the curtain liner is in the wash right now, in preparation for the big switch tomorrow... so you tell me.

And the best part: you know I'm saving that 6 year old shower curtain for whenever we decide to move the washing machine out of the downstairs bathroom shower.  That bathroom has darker tile and hey... reusing is green, right?  


  1. Make sure you get a picture of the new shower curtain for us :)

  2. Thanks so much for the link to our blog! And I'm totally with you on the power of a shower curtain to transform a room. Also, I think shower curtains are to bathrooms what bedding is to a bedroom (when it comes to decor): Choose it first, and let other things follow. There are so many more colors of paint you can choose from than shower curtains or bedspreads. That's probably partly why it was so hard for me to find one after choosing all the other elements.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    1. Thanks, Rita! There are never more than a few choices, which is probably why I've never settled on a new one. Today I'm just going to choose one that will liven up the room and not worry if it isn't perfect! :)