Wednesday, October 3, 2012

He is the walrus

M helped me prepare the party favors for his birthday this weekend.   Doesn't he look four?

M is getting so big.  At almost-four, there's almost no little-guy left.

"Noongaeng" has long been replaced with the correct-but-much-less-adorable technical term "pants" and his blue blanket, though still a favorite, no longer brings the world to a crashing halt with its bedtime disappearing acts.  He just shrugs.

But today he told me L's name was L Walrus Jxxx.  (It's Wara.  So close!)  So I think there's still hope.


  1. I just finished reading all your archives, Robin. What an amazing story. I am so glad you figured out what caused your sons' issues. How terrifying seizures must be. So, do you read labels and look for specific things? I know some forms of MSG hide behind non-chemical-sounding names - how did you find them all out? Was it a big period of adjustment?

    1. We did have a bit of an adjustment period, and we still are making some mistakes. But I tend to assume all packaged food is guilty until proven innocent, which saves us a lot of hassle. I know there are other foods out there that I haven't discovered that don't cause reactions, but my kids are ok with a pretty simple diet.
      Thanks again for checking out the blog!