Thursday, October 11, 2012

Casa Pasta or The End of a Salad Bar Era

Today we discovered an amazing new restaurant.

Sometimes I hate trying new restaurants.  We have to ask a million questions about the ingredients and the waitstaff always seem so annoyed.  Half the time they are just making stuff up or telling us what they think we want to hear, and even after all those questions, we always seem to deal with reactions.

Last Sunday, our good friend Ben convinced us that we had to try this amazing Italian place near his house.  It just didn't sound very convincing.  An authentic Italian place on some back soi in Bangna?  When we met him there for dinner tonight, it didn't look very convincing, either.

Doesn't it just look like they'd serve you spaghetti with hotdogs in it or something?
But we figured Ben must know his Italian food, and gave it a shot. The verdict?  Amazing.  We loved it.  The food was delicious- really, truly good.  But the waitstaff and chef are what secured us as lifetime customers.  Our waitress answered all our questions helpfully and brought the chef so we could confirm everything before we ordered.  When he had to make a substitution, he sent the waitress out to check with us first.  They make everything from scratch -even their bread and some of their noodles.  They don't use MSG or any artificial flavoring or color.

The kids ate up every bite and we didn't see any reactions afterward, either!  They even had some naturally gluten-free options, like their delicious spinach cheese bake (that I demolished before Whim could even get a picture.  Sorry.) 

Totally legit from the inside!
Look at that spaghetti twirling technique!  I don't know where he learned that!
Today he transitioned from pasketti to spagheti.  Sad, but inevitable.  He is four now, you know.
 We are sold!  And thank goodness.  I don't know how much more Sizzler I could take!


  1. I love, love, love pasta and spaghetti!! And his post is making me drool :)

    1. It was really good here. What can I say? ;)

  2. It looks so good! But the PEOPLE---wow. I want to go to there.

    1. We've already been there twice now! The second time was great because they remebered us and our diet concerns. Its our go-to place from now on, for sure.