Friday, October 12, 2012

Caps for Cure

Today at school, the teachers and students participated in "Caps for Cure" - a fundraiser for research into cures for children's cancers.

In my opinion, they have stumbled upon the perfect fundraiser format.  It's brilliant, really.  If the kids want to participate, they bring a hat to school on the designated day, along with 50 baht to donate.  It's optional, but wearing a hat is normally against the school's dress code, so most kids are pretty eager to take part!

Giving should come from the heart, of course, but I don't think there is anything wrong with a little incentive, too.  And since the donation cost was low, I would be surprised if anyone wanted to take part but couldn't.  Most kids spend that much in the Sweetie Shop after school every day!

At last count, they have already raised 47,800 baht, which is over 1,500 dollars.  In one morning.

If I ever run a fundraiser, I will set it up just like this.  Not hats, necessarily, but something.  It's no secret that when everyone gives a little, there is always enough.  We just need to find the thing that makes people willing to give their little bit. 


  1. What a fantastic fundraiser!! I think you've got the right idea...whatever makes it easier for people to give their little bit works for me! Love the photo!--Lisa

    1. Thanks, Lisa! At final count I think they said they had over 60,000 baht. Amazing!