Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Time for me

I forgot to take a picture last night,
so how about some Pinterest humor?
Yesterday I met with 'my' book group for the first time in over a year.  Oops, sorry girls!

I understand and agree when other women write and talk about the importance of "mommy time" or "me time" but I never seem to be able to manage it on any kind of regular basis.  The thing is, I can see why stay-at-home moms, in particular, would need to carve out time for girlfriends, alone time, or -let's be honest- just a break.  But I am already away from my kids all day long.  They're still asleep when I leave for work in the morning, and if I go to book group, or a baby shower, or dinner at a friend's house, they're already in bed by the time I get home.  It's a whole day of their lives that I am not a part of.   I've read about how parents these days take ourselves too seriously and that every little thing we do doesn't matter the way we imagine it does.  It makes sense.  Our parents didn't worry like this.  I still don't like to be away too often.

But whenever I do take time for myself and my friendships, I am always so glad I did.  Yesterday, we discussed the book "The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down," our book for the month.  But we also talked about our families, our pregnancies, our struggles... And I have to admit: It was wonderful to not think about anyone or anything else.  Our stories weren't interrupted and abandoned because of potty breaks and time-outs.  The mall was closing around us as we talked, and talked, and talked.  Not surprisingly, my kids woke up this morning happy and unscarred.

I can't promise that I'll go to every book group from here on out.  But I'm having dinner with friends a week from today, and I know it's going to fill me up in a way that makes me a better mom.  Even if the kids are already asleep when I get home.

What's your take on "me time"?  What do you do to recharge?


  1. You go girl! Take some time for you. Dads need the same. I think our children's reactions to the food dyes and other yuckies in our nutrition are teaching us to slow down. Have you looked into Dr. Lyon's Is Your Child's Brain Starving? He said it best that our children are the canaries of humanity's future. I'm starting to believe the bad nutrition from quick finding food is from our speedy fast lives. We need to slow down ... for us and for our children. Here's a link to Dr. Lyon's lecture: http://archive.org/details/ADHD-IsYourChildsBrainStarving

    1. Thanks, Bella! I agree about needing to slow down and I will check out Dr. Lyon for sure.