Monday, September 3, 2012

Pick your poison

We're all sick. 

M and L got sick first, then shared the germs with uncharacteristic generosity.  Actually they love sharing.  Especially food.   That's probably what got us in to this mess.

So Whim and I are out of energy, and it's more tempting than ever to just give them something to eat without worrying about additives.  Not to mention medicine.  I'd love to be able to give them a spoonful of cough syrup and call it a day.  But the last time we gave the boys typical dye-filled medication, M's eye swelled shut for 6 whole days.  On the sixth day, I couldn't take it anymore.  His eye opened up a crack within an hour of his first skipped dose.  The next morning he looked normal again.

It's a trade-off.  The medicine will eliminate some of their discomforts while compounding others.  And when it comes down to it, I'd rather they suffer the effects of their colds than react to the chemicals in the medication.  If we were talking about a serious, risky illness then I'd be willing to compromise.  But is it so bad to expect two healthy young boys to weather a cold without Red 40 and Yellow 6 every 4 hours for a week?  I think not.

I did find this home remedy on Pinterest that might do the trick.  Doesn't it look much more appealing?


  1. Hey Robin! Great post! You can also get exactly what you need from prescriptions without additives you don't want, at a compounding pharmacy. Maybe there's a searchable online map in the country where you are living now? There are lots in the US. Love the pics behind this post! :) ~ Rebecca

  2. Thanks, Rebecca! I've thought about trying to find a compounding pharmacy but never really looked into it. My boys are feeling better, so now's the perfect time to look.

    If I wait until we need it, it'll be too late. :)

    Thanks again for checking out the page.

  3. Thanks for checking out my page! I shared a link to your blog with my sister-in-law as she is also striving to eliminate additives (artificial dyes, in particular) from my niece's diet in order to correct behavior issues.

    1. Thanks for sharing my page, Mel! Best of luck to you and your sister's family. Cutting the additives made such a huge difference in our lives.