Saturday, September 8, 2012

One thing food colors are good for

Hey, it changed to green!
Today, M asked if we could "do science."  A few weeks ago, we played with the dry ice that came in the Haagen Dazs take-home bags, making smoke and listening to the spoons ringing, and I'd told him we were doing science.

Today we didn't have any dry ice, so I pulled out an idea I'd seen on pinterest.  We had food coloring in the fridge that I knew we'd never use again, so the dropper volcanoes were perfect.

M loved squirting the colored vinegar into the baking soda and seeing the colors fizz and change.  He also made some clever observations like, "Colors are not good for eating, but they're good for science."

I agree, bud!


  1. Home-made play-doh, fizzy sidewalk paint, homemade bath paints, dye your own noodles and rice for crafts or sensory tubs... there was something else I was excited I'd get to use some of my now-defunct food colors for... wish I could remember.

    1. Sounds awesome! I was worried about it getting on his skin, but it didn't seem to be a problem. Luckily we have tons of multicolored rice at our disposal here in Thailand, so I can do the colored rice tubs without worrying about dye. Thanks for checking out the blog.