Sunday, September 16, 2012

Not worth it

Ever since we cut out the additives, I have been making more and more foods from scratch.  Some things, like sunflower seed butter, are amazingly easy.  It's over a hundred baht for a jar much smaller than a jar of baby food.  If I'm feeling snacky, I can go through that much in one day.  I buy packets of sunflower seeds for around 30 baht and make it myself in less than 5 minutes.  Fresh, healthy, cheap, additive-free.

You can't always find shelled sunflower seeds, though, and a few weeks ago Whim brought home two bags of seeds, still in the shells.  This morning, I wanted to make chocolate chip dip, so I tried shelling them myself in the food grinder.  I've decided that this is one thing that is NOT worth doing myself.  I don't know how much I'd save by my shelling my own seeds every time, but however much it is is not worth it. 

After over an hour of grinding, picking through the shells for usable seeds, and regrinding the shells that were still whole, I had a measly palmful of seeds at the bottom of the dish.  A whole bag yielded less than a quarter cup of seeds!  I gave up and decided to make sunflower/sesame butter instead.  I hope it works just as well.

Have to make it thick or the dip is too runny!


  1. Hmmm...I'll have to try the sunflower butter. You just whirl up some sunflower seeds and dip veggies in it? Or pita chips? We just bought a VitaMix at the State Fair last month and it's my new favorite kitchen tool.

    1. Vitamix! Oh, I'm jealous. Yeah, I just mix plain sunflower seeds. Sometimes I'll add some coconut oil if I want to get some good fats in, or some honey and salt. But it's fine plain. It's like peanut butter, so we eat it with apples or on crackers or veggies or anything like that. Try it- you'll love it!