Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just a regular bloody lip

I guess I'm still skittish from L's seizure last week.

Though he rarely suffers from them now, there was a time when every bump was a threat and every scary dog was a trigger.  The last two months have been a welcome reprieve, but it only took one to get me right back to my old mindframe.

Today L was climbing over me in bed, and he lost his balance and faceplanted hard on my chest.  When he stood up, blood was streaming from his lip, and he had that look in his eye.  I instantly went into seizure mode.

But before I could scramble up and get him into the recovery position, he caught his breath and cried.

Exhale.  I forgot that this is normal.  Seizures aren't normal for us, anymore.

He stopped crying when he saw himself on the camera.
Right here, Mom, pray.  Hurt right here.

Seizures will probably always be a part of the background, but thank God they are no longer front and center.  Today it didn't have to be about RAS.  It was just a regular bloody lip.

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