Saturday, August 25, 2012

What do you eat?

For my boys' health and my own sanity, we follow a pretty natural diet.  No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.  Limited preservatives (we do still eat things like salt, sugar).  No MSG.  No matter what.
I haven't actually tried Equal Exchange yet, but I like the logo!

It's easy enough dealing with well-intentioned people who don't understand why we won't let them eat a treat they offer them.  But I don't like when people ask, "Well, what DO you eat?", insinuating that we've cut out so much that there's nothing left.  We eat food.  Real food!  Rice, eggs, meat, fruit, vegetables, fish, whole grains, healthy fats, coconut, seeds, beans, milk, cheese, honey, cereal, bread, and even desserts like ice cream and chocolate.  It's true that a lot of convenience food is out for us, but the boys still have a lot of variety.  Probably more than typical two- and three-year-olds, who seem survive on cheerios, goldfish, and pb&j sambos.

M turns down junk food without a second glance.  It makes me proud to hear him say, "No thank you, that has additives" and "Color makes me grouchy!" Even L points to packaged treats and shouts, "Junk!" (We're working on the manners!)

But what I love the most is when M says to me, "You know, we can make that at home."  We've made all kids of goodies in the last 6 months: ice cream, cookies and brownies, cake, and chocolates. They aren't being deprived of childhood treats, and since we make them ourselves, they're sort of naturally limited in quantity.  There's not always time to make treats, even healthy ones.   

 Here's a recipe we love, from Healthy Indulgences.  It's the same one I made for L's birthday. 
We dolloped on some whipped coconut milk cream and called it delicious.

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