Saturday, August 25, 2012

Only Joni gets it

People say they want organic produce but shudder at the thought of finding a worm in their salad.

And most people will naturally reach for the shiny red apple over the spotted pale one.  Joni warned us...

I'll be the first to admit that bugs in my food gross me out.  But at least they're supposed to be there.  They're part of the natural order - a food chain that doesn't revolve around us.  We should be more freaked out about the petrochemicals that have no business being in our food in the first place. 

According to this article, when surveyed, people claimed that dye-free food samples tasted duller than their traditionally colored counterparts, even when the ingredients were identical.  It's so unfair that the food companies are in our heads and use this information to market to us - tricking us into seeing their products as fresh, healthy, and appealing. 

We see bright green pickles and know they're going to be sour and delicious, even before we taste them.   We have to train ourselves to taste again, without outside influences like color.  If all you'd ever had were greyish pickles, just the sight of one would make your mouth water.

In homage to Joni

Put away that Green No. 3, now
Give me pale green pickles
But don't sell that garbage to me


  1. Too true! My dye-free pickles look soooo bland. Maybe I'll add some turmeric and purple cabbage to the vinegar!

    1. Wow, you make your own pickles? That's something I'm going to try one of these days! They're hard to find in Thailand anyway, so it's about time I figured it out.