Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Eagle

Just like that, he's a preschooler.

Sure, it's just a co-op of friends' families, and yeah it's only once a week.  But milestones are milestones, and once you become a school-kid, you never go back.  Whim said he spoke with confidence as he show-and-telled his giant seashell from our trip this summer.

He brought the animal pencils he picked out for his classmates and Whim got him on video, sweetly passing them to all his friends and making sure no one was overlooked.  And the thing I feared the most - the 'circle time'?  He nailed it.
Moptop in the back row

He sang his heart out to the Mexican Hat Dance introduction song, came to the carpet when the teacher called them, and made shapes with fingers like it was his job.   Someone meeting him for the first time yesterday wouldn't consider him anything but a typical three-year-old.  And that's the most amazing part - he really is.

Just in case he's starting to sound a little too grown up: yeah, that's a spiderman mask he's wearing. 

super preschooler

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