Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chocolate chip cookie dough dip

We love Chocolate Covered Katie's chocolate chip cookie dough dip.

Every health-conscious blogger has probably heard of it because it is that good.  I have already made this four times because it is awesome.  Garbanzo beans, sunflower seed butter, honey, a splash of vanilla, salt, baking soda, and chocolate chips.

We've had it on apple slices, straight off the spoon, our fingers (shhh!) but the best by far is on my favorite Thai snack - Khao Tan (better known as circle snacks around these parts.)
 It's a little gloppy in the circle snack picture, but still tastes 100% exactly like cookie dough. If you dry the beans carefully and don't add any oil or extra honey when you make your sunflower butter, it comes out like this.  Moldable.  Biteable.  Slightly salty, just like cookie dough.

The truth is, the sticky one was easier for spreading/dipping, but I loved the perfect texture of this batch.  It was so exciting to see it shaping up, in large part because it meant I was going to be sharing cookie dough memories with my sons.  It's funny to try to guess what they'll look back on with fondness.  For me, there was something so indulgent about getting to lick the beater whenever we were baking.  My husband tried the dip and said it was good, but there was no magic there.  He didn't grow up sneaking tastes of chocolate chip cookie dough.   Thanks to Chocolate Covered Katie, my sons will.

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