Monday, August 20, 2012

better late than never

It seems to me that 2012 is ridiculously late to be starting a blog... Every 'new' blog I discover has years of archives, and even elementary school students have their own blogs now.  I've often thought about starting one of my own, but I never have, because I like starting things from the beginning.  I get so much satisfaction from completing something that if I miss the beginning, I'll often skip the whole thing.

If I realize I'm going to be late for an event, I might just stay in.  It's hard to settle in and enjoy a movie if I've missed the first few minutes.  And I admit to forgoing Lent more than once because it snuck up on me and I didn't have anything planned by the first day.  So I can't just start up a blog about my kids one day when they're already 2 and 3.

But every time I read another mother's blog, I had this twinge of regret.  I'd love to have an online scrapbook of our family's special moments.  And every time, I'd think, "If I had just started one the last time I thought about this..."

Today, I'm putting aside my all-or-nothing mentality.  Surely a wonderful book with a few missing pages is better than no book at all?    I hate to think of all the memories I've missed out on because it seemed "too late" to start something.  And this could be just the start.  This Christmas, I could introduce something new and special and call it a tradition!   Better late than never.

I wonder what is greater: the satisfaction of completing something fully, or the joy of jumping into something brand new, even if you may have missed the beginning?


  1. You inspire me. :) I started blogging and stopped and haven't wanted to pick it up again because...well...I guess they are silly reasons that I think I'd ultimately regret. But maybe it's time to pick it up again. :) Thanks for offering us a wonderful book with a few missing pages!

    1. You should! Then send me a link and I will be reader!!