Monday, August 27, 2012

45 days

Today marks 45 days since L's last seizure.

Road trip entertainment - stripping!

We took a trip to Trang during summer vacation, and Whim convinced me to let the boys go off the diet, just until we got home.  He said he wanted to relax and not have to worry about it for a while.  Against my better judgment, I acquiesced.   We didn't knowingly give them anything with additives, but we ate out like normal people without asking the waiter a million questions.

By the second day off the diet, M was a mess- constantly throwing fits and having meltdowns, but Whim still wasn't ready to go back.  Add in late bedtimes, missed naps, and bad weather, and you can imagine just how fun this vacation was turning out.  Finally after about a week of 'carefree' eating, L had a terrible seizure. He fell and hit his head on the cement floor, and his tears were tinged with blood.

I didn't care what Whim said, we were back on the diet that night.  L didn't have any more seizures, but it took a few days for the effects of all those additives to wear off.

I know there will be seizure days ahead.  But there will never be another one because I decided to let things slide. 

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